Thursday, January 29, 2015

Walk Away and Then Come Back

Sometimes the best way to come back is to walk away for a while, Friends!
Friends, I think you'll remember my frustration with practicin' the piano I was experiencing the other day.  I think you'll remember I got kinda ugly, on accounta I kept pushin' on the wrong keys and making my songs I was tryin' to play sound all wonky and wrong.

Do you know what I did to stop feelin' frustrated?  You bet.  I walked away.  I walked away from the piano.  I walked away from lookin' at music notes.  I walked away from everything that's black and white, which was really difficult, considering my best pal Rozzie is white with a black nose.  And heck.  Her eyes are the same color brown as the piano itself!

I ended up making an exception for Rozzie.  She's both persuasive and persistent.  She doesn't take it as the final word when I tell her I can't hang out with her 'cause she reminds me of the piano.  In fact, she told me that whole notion was kinda dumb.

That's why I love Rozzie so much, Friends.  She delivers tough love to me in doses I need to have and that I can handle.  It IS kinda dumb to avoid her, just 'cause she's the same colors as the piano keys.  And I firmly believe that everybody in their life needs a friend that will listen to you, support you, listen to you some more, and then tell you an idea of yours is dumb if the idea warrants it.  I think havin' an honest voice like that, talkin' to ya from a place of love and support is what keeps ya from gettin' all neurotic. 

Who even KNOWS where it woulda gone if I'd indulged in stayin' away from Rozzie, on accounta I was frustrated with the piano and she's the same colors as piano keys.  I really shudder to think about it, Friends.  I really do.  Coulda been a whole lot of neurosis going on up in my head!

Anyway.  I left the piano alone for a little while.  Let the frustration go away.  I listened to the very musics I was trying to play.  "Subdivisions" by Rush, of course.  I watched the video about the Randall Park Mall that uses a piano arrangement of that song, over and over.  It reminded me how much I like that song and how much I'd like to be able to play it well myself.

So I've come back to the piano today, Friends, for some playin' just for fun.  My friend Rozzie reminded me that I'm three and nobody's expecting me to play perfectly.  I'm just s'posed to be havin' fun and tryin' out all kindsa new things.  So that's what I'm doing.

You know the old saying, don't you, Friends?  Repeat it with me!

"When something really frustrates the dickens out of you, walk away for a little while.  Then come back to it.  If it doesn't frustrate you anymore, it's time to play again, but if it does, then you should go eat an Oreo cookie and do something else for a while."

Words to live by, right there, Big People.  Words to live by.

I'll see ya tomorrow!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

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