Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another One in the Books!

So! That's a wrap, April 2017!  It's been a good one!
Hiya, Big People!

Well, ya know, we have come to the end of another month.  April 2017.  Boyo boy, was it ever a biggun! 

Most notably, I went from bein' a free-spirited non-schooler to a real, honest-to-goodness free-spirited Registered Kindergartener. 

You know, about that... I'm still sorry, not sorry for puttin' on a shadow-puppet show during the principal's PowerPoint presentation.  You put up a nice screen and throw a light on it, and it's just BEGGIN' to have a hand-bunny hop across it. 

But there was something else that was awesome about this month!  The weather has gotten warmer, so I have been spendin' a lot of time out at my swingset!  That's pretty great!  And.  The flowers are comin' out on the TREES!

It's so exciting!  I cannot wait to see what May 2017 brings!  So I'll see ya tomorrow!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

When Bedclothes Double as Clothes-Clothes!

Damask me about my dress today!
Hiya, Big People! 

Well, ya know, after a long and wintry hiatus, my pillacase dresses are back.  I'm not sure if they were fashioned from actual pillacases offa someone's bed, or if they were just inspired stylistically and-or-printwise by the same, but you hafta admit, the resemblance is striking.

It isn't so much that I mind wearin' pillacase dresses.  They're breezy in the summer.  They're a little swingy.  They're comfortable and colorful. 

Also, their shape, which could accommodate the head-resters up on my bed at this very moment, are also exceedingly forgiving for me.  If I wanna go ahead and have that extra cookie-n-glassa-milk combo, why, when I'm wearin' a pillacase dress, I can do so, without a second thought. 

It just makes ya wonder about the fashion designer who looked at her bed, saw those pillacases, and thought, "huh... that would make a STELLAR!!! dress design!

I wonder what kinda clothes we'll be wearin' next that are inspired by soft furnishings!  Maybe tea-towel neckerchiefs!  Placemat peplums?  Why, the answer could be as near as across the very room from you, at this very moment!

I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Friday, April 28, 2017

It's On The Way

Charge up your light sabers and shine your storm trooper helmet- May the Fourth is on the way!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Friday to ya!


Next week is a big week for Fun Days, Friends.  A week from today, we're havin' Cinco de Mayo, which is the Fifth of May, and on Thursday, it's May the Fourth!

May the Fourth is a big deal to me, because I am a Star Wars fan.  If it's Star Wars, I can sit and watch it for HOURS!  Star Wars fans have claimed May the Fourth as their very own, because it sounds a lot like "May the Force [be with you,]" which is the Jedi version of "Aloha."

I'll talk more about May the Fourth next week, on the day, but today, I'm so excited about it that I wanted to remind ya to charge up your light saber and shine up your helmet, whichever faction you identify most with.  Crank up the Imperial March to get yourself in the spirit, a little early.  No matter whose side you're on, a little Imperial March is both motivating and motivational.

I'll see ya tomorrow, Friends!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fiesta! Style Tips

If this look doesn't say 'Fiesta!!!' I don't know what look would!
Well, hiya, good-lookin' Big People!  How the heck is your Thursday going so far?

Well, ya know, I am a kid who loves to have fun.  I can pretty much find a way to have fun anywhere, but when I'm really plannin' a great time, I like to look the part!  The part of the party, that is!

My go-to foundation for a fashion look that screams out 'Fiesta!' is something in a bright color.  Now, my Hot Pink Ruffled Trench Coat I'm wearin' in today's picture definitely does the trick, and as an added fun touch, the lining is printed with flamingos!  What will they think of next?

I love that coat, too, because it keeps the rain off me and brightens up a dreary day!

Next, I like to pair my bright solid color with something printed.  In my picture, I'm wearin' printed leggings, a bright yella shirt peekin' out from the toppa my coat, socks that have a bright pink ring around the top, and... sparkly silver shoes.

My motto is 'Fiesta your frazzle in sparkly shoes that dazzle!'  Or at least it WOULD be my motto.  It's my dressin' for a party motto, I guess!

Anyways, finally, for really special occasions, I like to top the whole look off with a great hat.  The one I'm wearin' in the picture is part mariachi band, part Rose DeWitt Bukater, and a hundred percent fun! 

Put the pieces together, shimmy, shake, stir, and I am ready to go out the door to have a lotta fun!

Friends, you can even use my Fiesta!  Style Tips.  Fun fashion doesn't come with an expiration date.  I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm Smilin' Now, But Not Then: The Saga of My Ear Piercing Adventure!

It hurt like crazy, but now I'm smilin'!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Well, you may or may not know this, but I recently had my ears pierced at the Ross Park Mall, when I was visitin' and palaverin' with my Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lorentz.  It was an idea that I was intrigued by, but also kind of horrified at the possibility of, yet completely dazzled by the potential of having bejeweled earlobes. 

Danged if ol' Mommy didn't go and push the issue, though.  She kept saying utterly out-of-line things like "When you're ready to have your ears pierced, I'll take you to Piercing Pagoda!, but it's YOUR decision."  She'd be utterly pushy with me, whenever we were in a mall and happened to walk by these pagodas of piercing.  She'd point 'em out, and have me take especial note of any other girls around my age, sittin' in the chair, and yet we'd keep walking past.

I was really tired of all the pressure. 

But I was also really interested in getting my ears pierced.  Evidently, I am not the youngest person in the world to have my ears pierced.  Evidently, they pierce even babies' ears.  I was told that I could have gotten my ears pierced before I was even big enough to sit up on my own.  It made me realize that now, even at my advanced age of Five, it was not too late for me to bedazzle myself with earrings.  So on the way down to the Burgh of Pitts on my most recent trip, I told Mommy I was ready.  I wanted to get my ears pierced while I was at Aunt Colleen's.  And Mommy said "okay!"

I immediately changed my mind. I figured something so fabulous must hurt a lot, and I don't like hurting even a little, not even for a few seconds.  So Mommy didn't say anything more about it, as I used the rest of my trip to Pittsburgh to tell her all about how I really didn't wanna get my ears pierced after all... but I also really did wanna get my ears pierced.

The next morning, I woke up and looked at my completely unpierced ears.  They looked as though they could use some sparkle, to catch up with the rest of sparkly me.  So I told Mommy and Aunt Colleen I was ready, and they didn't waste any time whiskin' me into the Jeep and driving me to the Mall near Aunt Colleen!

But I had once again changed my mind. 

"I'm okay with not gettin' my ears pierced," I told Mommy, as we walked into the Mall. 

"Nah," Mommy said.  "You're gonna do it.  Aunt Colleen and I are with you, and it'll take just a few seconds, and you'll be done and glad that you did."

"But it's gonna HURT!" I said.

"It'll feel a little funny for just a second," Mommy said.  "Remember that time you got into that ground-wasp nest at Gramma's and got stung?"

"What's that got to do with anything?" I asked.

"This won't be even on the same planet as that was," Mommy said.

"And remember how you broke your arm?" Aunt Colleen chimed in.  "That must have hurt.  Getting your ears pierced is nothing at all!"

Well, okay.  They're both liars, but whatever.  I got to Piercing Pagoda, and I hafta admit, I fell in love with all the shiny.  I saw a pair of ladybug earrings I could have shot right into my earlobes, and decided those were my earrings!  I got sat in the seat, and Mommy and Aunt Colleen would say I had an epic meltdown.  I say I just reacted with the appropriate level of fear and emotion.

I'll tell ya what, after a few minutes of sittin' in that piercing chair, thinkin' about how bad it was gonna hurt, that first earring went in, and it HURT LIKE CRAZY!  WORST PAIN EVER!  I didn't want to finish, and the helpful piercing girl told Mommy she could bring me back when I was ready.  Mommy told her to just get it done, and prised my hand away from my unpierced, not-hurting ear. 

"Seriously, Just.  Do.  It." Mommy said, through her teeth at the girl.  I tried to caterwaul so the girl couldn't hear Mommy's voice.  And then finally, I felt Mommy let go of my arms. 

"Just get it done, I guess," I said to the piercing girl. 

"Honey, I pierced your other ear two minutes ago," she said.  "You didn't even know it.  Would you like to see?" 

She held up a mirror so I could see myself, and sure enough, I had a ladybug earring in each earlobe. 

I.  Looked.  Fabulous! 

Instant attitude change!  Instant life-change!  I went and took a commemorative photo with the Easter Bunny immediately after, and told him all about gettin' my ears pierced.  He didn't say anything, but I could tell he thought I looked fabulous.  We went and had lunch, and I told the waiter I just got my ears pierced and had a whole new attitude!  And he said I looked great! 

So I'm glad I got my ears pierced, even though it really, really hurt, all up in my head, and also in my earlobes.  I look fabulous, and I will never hafta get my ears pierced again!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Countdown Resumes!

Get your shoppin' lists and frequent buyer credentials, Friends, 'cause Christmas is on the WAY!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Tuesday to you!

Well, ya know, I am a kid that loves a good countdown to a fabulous holiday, but these last couple-three months, I haven't been counting down, I don't think, because there's been a lot going on in my life, but today, that all pauses so I can make the following announcement:


That's right, Big People!  We have a third of the year down, and two thirds of a year left to go before the best holiday of 'em all.  The granddaddy of all days of holi.  The day where we're all jolly.

CHRISTMAS!  Eight months from now!

I'm just bringin' this all to your attention so you can plan accordingly.  I'm really just here to help.  I love ya lots, Big People, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Negotiation: Zoe-Style

When all else fails, I break out this face.  Who can say 'no' to this face?!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Monday to you!

Well, ya know, I'm a persuasive Little Kid.  I drive a really, really hard bargain.  I have some serious negotiation skills.

Sometimes, though, my fierce and serious negotiation skills don't get me anywhere. 

It's true.  When I'm tryin' to negotiate a later bedtime, I run up against a big, fat, "NO!"  when I'm tryin' to negotiate gettin' candy for supper, I get a resounding "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

That's when I hafta break out my Secret Weapon.  My face.  Take a look at the picture.  Who can say 'no' to that face?  Who? 

I'll tell ya who, Friends.  Mommy.  Jeez.  She has no appreciation for the art of negotiation.

But you do, and that's why I love ya!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Apple A Day...

...Means you're gettin' some fiber and vital nutrients!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, I like to think of myself as something of a nutrition enthusiast. 

No.  That isn't really right.

I like to think of myself as an eating enthusiast.  I am really excited about food. 

But I do like to eat food that's good for me and that tastes really good.  Some things like candy bars taste good, but they really aren't all that good for a kid.  But other things like kale are GREAT for you, but... well, I'm sure you've tried it. 

Apples, though, really are good for ya, and they really taste good! 

You know the old saying, Friends!  "An apple a day means you're gettin' fiber and vital nutrients in a sweet and crunchy package!"

Or something like that!

Hey.  I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day Everyday: You can make a difference!
Hiya, Friends!  Didja know today's Earth Day? 

You know, I love our Planet Earth!  It's a really nice place to live!  That's why Earth Day is so important to me! 

On Earth Day, maybe we can go out and clean up some litter people toss out.  It's really inconsiderate to toss litter out.  Or, just don't litter.  Not any day, but especially not on Earth Day!  You can keep a shoppin' bag in your car, and throw all your rubbish in the shoppin' bag, and then throw it out in the garbage can at the gas station when ya stop, or throw it into your home garbage can when ya get home.  It isn't that hard to do, and it makes a big difference in the amount of litter on the ground outside, makin' the world look just awful and polluting!  Take some responsibility, Big People!  Don't litter today!

Another way to celebrate Earth Day is to plant some trees.  If ya can't plant some trees, hug a tree.  Seriously. Those guys scrub our air of carbon dioxide.  Show those trees a little love!

Be mindful of how much water you use.  Don't let the water run for a whole buncha minutes while you do other things, waitin' for your shower to get the perfect temperature.  It doesn't take long to get the water to the perfect temperature!

Earth is the only home we have, so we need to take good care of it, Friends! 

Happy Earth Day!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Something's Strange About Today

I'm told it's Friday, but Mommy has lotsa work for me to do.
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Friday to you!

Well, what I mean, it's Friday.  And normally, Fridays make me HAPPY! 

But as it is today, Mommy has some serious plans for me to do. 

My work has been cut out for me, and it's a whole big globba work, and it's gonna stink up my Friday.

You see, Mommy's makin' me sort and organize my toys.  Doesn't she realize that toys are for playing with?  Not for sortin' and organizing!  That ruins the whole fun of toys, which is the whole point of toys!

I don't know, Big People.  Maybe she's right.  Maybe it'll be even MORE fun to play with my toys when they all have homes, insteadda layin' all over the floor.  Maybe it'll be a nicer existence for my toys, havin' homes where they go at the end of a playin' shift, insteadda layin' all over the floor.  But I've always thought that my toys were participating in kind of an Occupy the Floor Movement, to throwback to the year I was born. 

I'll do it, but I don't hafta like it. 

I love you, though, Friends!  And I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tiara-n-Tutu Thursdays!

You can't not have fun when you're wearin' a Tiara-n-Tutu, Big People!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Thursday to you!

Well, ya know, Thursdays are mostly fun, but they can also seem like a long puddle ya hafta hop over to get to the real prize of the workweek, which is Friday. 

That's why I've decided that Thursdays are gonna be Tiara-n-Tutu Thursdays.  Bonus points if ya have a RAINBOW tiara.  Those things are fun as all get-out!

It's all about enjoyin' your life, Friends!  Every day of it!

Why, if these Tiara-n-Tutu Thursdays take off, I might hafta wanna establish Tiara-n-Tutu Mondays as well.  Mondays need all the help they can get!  But we gotta baby-step our way up to this much fun on a Monday. 

I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I Am Moana!

...Well, okay.  I am Zoana!  The Sea calls me!
Hiya, Big People! 

Well, ya know, I love a good Disney movie, and the most recent good Disney movie that I love is called Moana, and it's about a brave young girl who has to travel across the sea, find the demigod Maui, and haul him to Ta'Fiti so he can restore her heart that he stole, and stop the world from slowly killin' itself.

I won't give away whether or not she succeeds in her quest, but it's a Disney movie, so I'm sure you can deduce how it all turns out. 

Anyway, Moana is an inspiring person to me.  Her songs are upbeat.  She is a force of positivity to be reckoned with and to pattern oneself after.

And she has a really neat fashion sense.  It's pretty, while being very practical.  I mean, Moana can sail a canoe across the sea in her dress, and yet she still looks very fashionable.  That's the aesthetic I try to make for myself, too!

I may not hafta sail across the sea and haul a surly demigod in to restore something he stole, but I have my own work cut out for me, to be sure!  I am Zoana!

I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I'd rather build ya up than tear ya down!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Tuesday to you!

Well, ya know, sometimes I notice that you Big People like to get to arguin' and chewin' at each other.  I've been told that, especially in the realm of sports-n-games, this is called 'trash-talking.'

Friends, I don't really like trash-talkin'.  Even when I'm losin' a game or a sport.  Because if I'm losin', it means I'm bein' out-played, and that means I could learn a lot from my opponent.  And if they're out-playin' me, and I could learn a lot from 'em, what good is it gonna do me to start trash-talkin' at 'em?

I mean, yes, I could maybe get into their heads with my trash-talkin, but don't you think they kinda expect that sort of thing?  If I say, "That was an impressive shot!" or "You employed some fancy footwork there!" that's more close to what I'm REALLY thinkin', because wow, they MUST be a good opponent to play that well!  So why shouldn't they hear about how much I appreciate that?

Also, if I can pay attention to 'em and see how they're so good at the game or sport we're playin', they're actually teachin' me something.  Isn't worthy of some respect and admiration? It's like they're givin' me a treasure, showin' me their best plays, so I can soak 'em up and make 'em my own best plays.  They're teachin' me, even though they think they're merely winnin' a game.

And.  I bet it makes 'em get taken a little aback to hear me treasure-talkin' 'em, insteadda trash-talkin' 'em.  That's always fun to do!

Friends, we need less trash-talkin' and more treasure-talkin' in this world.  I'd rather build someone up, even my opponent, than tear 'em down.  Just because I'm good doesn't mean someone else has to be bad.  There's enough good for us all, if we just look for it!

Hey. I love ya lots, Friends!  I'm gonna go ahead and go for now, but I'll see ya tomorrow!  Try to be a treasure-talker, insteadda a trash-talker, mmkay?  Muah!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Willa You Be My Friend?

I love makin' new friends, Friends!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Monday to you!

I hope ya had a GREAT Easter!  I sure did!  I found lotsa eggs, got lotsa candy, got to see Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lorentz, and Gramma and Pop-Pop, and got to eat some delicious food.  And I had a great time!

Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lorentz got me a new doll named Willa.  She has rose-gold hair that's in pigtails that curl, and she's wearin' rain-boots that are all duded up to look like ladybugs!

Ladybugs are my thing!  My earrings I wear are even ladybugs!

Anyway, back to Willa.  She's a really neat friend to have.  We're going to have so many adventures together, I just know it.  I like Willa's style- she dresses nicely, but not so nicely that she can't go on adventures.  That's my fashion philosophy, too!  I am not made of porcelain, and neither are my friends!  We're strictly wash-n-wear, no dry clean only here!

What I really appreciate about Willa is that she's brave, like I try to be.  We aren't squeamish girls, me and Willa.  We don't mind bugs and spiders.  We don't mind a little chill of a spooky thrill in our stories on the television that we follow.  I think Willa and I are gonna be GREAT buddies!

I'll see ya tomorrow, Big People!  Remember to make new friends, but to keep the old!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!!

Hammin' it up for Easter with the Easter Bunny!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Easter Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, on a recent trip to Aunt Colleen's House, I met the Easter Bunny!  He was at the mall! 

Easter Bunny didn't say a lot, but he sure was friendly!  We had a great visit, and I had my picture taken with the bunny!  We took LOTS of pictures, but this one was the best. 

Well, I figured, it's Eastertime, we eat ham on Easter, so I might as well ham it up for the BunnyCam.  And Easter Bunny agreed!

It's really great when ya find a friend who just "gets ya!"

So you enjoy a Very Happy Easter, Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Matchin' the Weather to the Holiday!

I love it when the weather coordinates with the holiday!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Saturday to you!

Well, ya know, tomorrow's Easter, and one benefit to throwin' Easter in the middle of April is that it's likelier than ever that the weather's gonna cooperate and be Easter Weather! 

What's Easter Weather?  Oh, you know.  When you can wear an Easter dress without havin' to wear a turtleneck and fleece-lined leggin's and snowboots with it!  That's Easter weather!

Sunny skies help, of course, but are not mandatory.  No rain, no rainbows, after all.  I think that's my family's motto.  It's my motto.  It's a good one. 

Anyways, I've heard tell of Easters where there was snow on the ground.  I've heard tell of Easters that were so cold, Little Kids were havin' their mommies melt down their chocolate bunnies to make hot cocoa, with Peeps insteadda marshmellas.  I may have even seen some Easters like that, but I was Pretty Little, so I can't tell ya for sure.

This Easter isn't like that, Friends.  This Easter, the weather's gonna match up to the holiday.  So have a good one!

I love ya lots!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Friday, April 14, 2017

A Grape Hyacinth Forest!

I might wanna hafta plant a fairy-garden one of these days!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Friday to you!

Well, ya know, yesterday at Gramma's, I was walkin' along the path to go into the house, when I saw some little purple flowers on the bank.  They weren't very tall, and they looked like little bunches of grapes!

Because I'm a kid who likes to learn, I found out that these little grape-lookin' flowers are called Grape Hyacinths!

If I were growin' a little garden for fairies to visit, I think I'd plant a whole forest of Grape Hyacinths for the fairies, so they could walk through them and have the Grape Hyacinths be big like trees are to us!  Wouldn't that be a little bit neat, Friends?  Walkin' through a whole forest of Grape Hyacinths? 

Also, I learned today that there are a whole buncha other flowers to look forward to seeing, now that the flowers have started coming out.  There'll be daffodils, and crocuses, and daisies, and tulips, and all the flowers on the trees!

This is a really exciting time of year, Friends!

Hey.  I'll see ya tomorrow, mmmkay?  Be on the lookout for flowers!  Muah!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oh My Stars!

The stars are like gems in the sky we can all enjoy!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Thursday to you!

Well, ya know, I'm a kid who really likes to keep lookin' up, and a side-effect of keepin' lookin' up is that ya tend to see lots of things in the sky.  I see lotsa airplanes and birds and clouds that remind me of things.

At night, I see airplanes, too, and the moon, and lotsa stars and planets that look like stars. 

The thing about the stars, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, is that they remind me of a whole big globba diamonds, scattered across a midnight blue satin screen.  And the way they fell when they scattered, they make pictures in the sky.

What really fascinates me about the stars is that they're so huge, and there could be whole solar systems with planets going around and around those stars.  What look like stars to us could be whole entire GALAXIES!  And somewhere out there, there could be other planets with beings on 'em, going about their lives, just like we do!

It sure puts things into perspective, Friends.  Everything here seems so big, because it's right up in our faces, but to someone on those planets goin' around a star in one of those galaxies that looks like a dot in the sky to us... we might not even look like a dot or a speck.  That's grand scheme thinkin' right there.  And lookin' at the stars really gives me an idea of the grand scheme of things.

Keep lookin' up, Friends!  Even if ya don't wanna get all philosophical, you'll still see some amazing things!  I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

If She Waddles Like a Duck...

...She's probably wearin' web-footed slippers!  Haaaaa!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Well, ya know, early on in my life, I did not like footwear of any kind at all touching my feet, which is really unfortunate for the footwear, since that's kind of its whole gig in life. 

Over the years, though, I have reversed my position on footwear.  I can still taker leave socks, but I have fallen in love with shoes!

I remember the first pair of shoes that I really loved.  The one that I saw in the store and I had to have.

It was back when I was Three.  I was shoppin' in the dang ol' Target with Mommy, Gramma, and Aunt Colleen.  We were in the shoe department, and there it was that I saw 'em.  The most glorious, sparkly-clear pair of jelly slippers all duded up to look like Cinderella's Glass Slippers.  And they even came in my size.  I made a stand for those shoes that day, Friends, and recently outgrew them, after nearly two years of wonderful time together.

There have been lots of other pairs of shoes I've fallen in love with since.  Usually if it sparkles, I must have it!  But those Glass Slippers were the first!

Today, I'm sportin' a pair of duck-footed slippers I was recently sent in a subscription box.  While these slippers are kinda silly, and pretty hard to walk efficiently in, they're fun as all get-out.  They're eye-catching.  And I can sacrifice a little functionality for style while I'm wearin' 'em.  That's just a part of bein' a fashionista!

Hey, Big People.  I love ya lots, and I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, mmmkay?  Muah!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring in the Bing!

I am gonna play outside SO MUCH!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Tuesday to ya!

Well, ya know, Winters always seem like they take forever to get out of their own systems.  That's why I really start to get excited as soon as I get a whiff of Spring in the air in the Bing that lasts a few days in a row!

You know what I'm talkin' about, Friends. Spring doesn't really smell like flowers, because there aren't many out yet, if there's any at all (none here in the Bing!)  But there's a fresh, warm smell on the air, and when ya leave the windows open, the house smells all kindsa Aired Out.

This is a different smell from how Summertime smells.  Summertime has overtones of fresh-cut grass mixed in with its sunshine.  And here in the Bing, ya gotta figure on some of your days, the sunshine and fresh-cut grass bein' all mixed up in Farm Smell.  No judgin' or complainin' from me, but City People can find that particular ingredient in Summer CountryAire a little off-putting, if they aren't expecting it!

Anyways, now that Spring has started to stick around the Bing, I have some things I wanna do and I fix to accomplish, and the chiefest amongst these things is playin' outside on my swingset.  I have practiced and trained, and I can finally make my swing go by pumpin' my legs.  I don't need a grown-up to push me.  I don't even need a grown-up to get me started.  How about that?!

And I'm gonna use this Spring in the Bing to hone my swingset skills.

Who knows?  I might even get me a position at one of those fancy French-Canadian Circuses.  You never know with me!

Hey.  I love ya lots, Friends!  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, mmmkay?  Muah!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Just Ice

It was like the Mother Ship calling me home!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Monday to you!

Well, ya know, this is the last week before Easter, and I'm as excited as a Little Kid the week before Easter, lookin' forward to gettin' a whole big basket fulla Easter candy, and gettin' to wear one of my new dresses!

For the first time, I played an integral role in selecting my Easter Attire for this year.  I accompanied Mommy and Aunt Colleen to the Ross Park Mall, where I got my ears pierced, ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (I had the pizza...), and then I was feelin' pretty darned grown-up and in the mood to shop until I dropped!

So I got to choose two dresses and some smart accessories from a really rad store called "Justice!"

At first glance, I thought "Justice" was a store taht sells "Just Ice."  So I was both let-down and exhilarated to find that it's a clothing store for trendy fashionistas my age.  I'm not sure what I woulda had to get all excited for, in a store that sells "just ice."  Maybe if it was flavored ice, or shaved ice, or sno-cones, but there are stores that take care of that already!

Back to my Easter dresses.  I have three.  Well, because Easter Weekend is pretty much three days long.  I have a preppy-sporty one to wear on Friday, I have a twirly one to wear on Saturday, and I have a pretty-yet-wearable one to wear on Easter Sunday!

So, yeah.  I'm really excited!  I hope you're excited this Easter Week, too!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

When I Pick The Movie!

Everybody wins when I get to pick the movie!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, after I became a Registered Kindergartener the other day, Mommy and Daddy took me to a movie, and I got to pick it!

When I get to pick the movie in the theater, it makes me feel like a Really Big Cheese.  And since I always pick kid movies, everybody wins, because there are some really good kid movies in theaters these days, and also, when we're watchin' a kid movie, it's pretty much appropriate for all of us to see!

I chose "Boss Baby" on my most recent trip to the theater.  I have wanted to see "Boss Baby" ever since I saw a trailer for it when I was seeing the movie "Trolls." 

I'll tell ya what, Friends.  "Boss Baby" did not disappoint.  I laughed a lot.  I cried a little.  I had a blast!  And I loved the way it ended. 

It was a whole lot of fun!  So there ya have it!  When I pick the movie, we all win!  How about that?!

I'll see ya tomorrow, Friends!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Registered Kindergartener in da HOUSE!!!

I'm registered!
Hiya, Big People! 

Well, ya know, I am one step closer to bein' a Big People, myself!  Yesterday, I visited the elementary school I'm gonna attend in the fall, and do you know what I did? 

I registered for Kindergarten!  How about that?!

It was pretty cool.  I got to go into the library, and there were other kids in there!  I got to play. 

Of course, Mommy had to go and be a bummer.  There was a movie screen with a projector shinin' on it, and I wanted to entertain the assorted people gathered in that hallowed hall of learning with some shadow puppets.  Well, color me unfortunate that it happened to be that I wanted to do that while the principal of my school was giving a presentation with that projector and screen!  "Zoe!" Mommy said, in that tone I know to mean that I'd best just keep shufflin' along.

Also, Mommy would send Daddy to do her dirty work, which is to say she'd send him over to tell me I was bein' too rambunctious.  She said she had lotsa paperwork to do, but I think it's because she didn't want my future classmates' mommies to know she's the real Heavy in the house, and Daddy's just the patsy.  I know the truth, and the truth will be told, during my Kid Writing experiences next year in the 'Garten.  You bet they will!

Anyways, I loved visiting my school, and getting all registered for Kindergarten, even if my attempts at bein' entertaining were thwarted.  I'll have my day with that projector and that screen.  You bet I will!  I'm kinda bummed that I don't get to go to school right now, but I'm thrilled that I'm gonna get to go pick out a real backpack of my very own, before school starts. 

There are exciting times here!  Friends, I'll see ya tomorrow!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Je Suis Mimi Bobeck

There's nothin' wrong with bein scrappy and colorful, Friends!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Friday to you! 

Well, ya know, I was given a makeup kit for Christmas this year.  And I really love that makeup kit and everything in it. 

Now, as I have an especial affinity to the blue eyeshadow and the more colorful selections in the palette, my production manager on my Facebook Picture Show, Wisey Wisenheimer said I look like Mimi Bobeck.

I didn't know who that is.  Turns out, it's a character on an old television show, from way back in the Nineties.

Mimi Bobeck wore bright colors, and she wore even brighter make-up.  She was scrappy and funny, and she didn't take any poopaloo from anybody.  Mimi Bobeck was a character who was good at settin' boundaries and enforcin' 'em!  I don't see anything wrong with that.

I know Wisey Wisenheimer meant callin' me Mimi Bobeck as a way to rattle my cage, but the way I see it, Mimi Bobeck is a strong, colorful woman with a big personality.  I'll take that as a compliment, Wisey. 

Je suis Mimi Bobeck.  How the heck right about that?!

Hey, Friends, I'll be seein' ya tomorrow.  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

I like my bike! 
Friends!  Hiya!  It's Thursday!  Happy Day to ya!

Well, ya know, if you've been followin' along at home for a while, you'd know that long about a year ago, I had a mishap on my bike, and I broke my arm, and Mommy took my bike away.

Okay.  I rode my bike off the living room couch.  In hindsight, this was reckless behavior, and I sort of understand why Mommy took my bike away.  But believe me when I tell ya, as I was puttin' my bike up on the couch and ridin' it off, it was EXHILARATING!  Right up to the moment my arm went "splat" on the floor.

Yes, I realize this talk doesn't really give Mommy any faith that I've learned my lesson.

That's neither here nor there, because do you know where Mommy put my bike when she took it away from me?  She took it down to the basement.  Big whoop.  Do you know what I did?  I found it incidentally one day, and carried it back upstairs, and I've been enjoyin' ridin' it in the house, ever since. 

A year ago, I wouldn't have been big enough to carry that bike back upstairs, but even Mommy has to acknowledge how much bigger I am now than I was a year ago.  Why, just the other day, she even said I'm gettin' too big for my britches!  That means I have a shoppin' trip in my Future, so I can buy some britches I'm not gettin' too big for!  How about that?!

But back to my bike.  I love that thing, Friends!  I really do!  I love the way I can ride it right along, feelin' the house-breeze in my hair, yet without any bugs gettin' in my teeth!  And I DO know better than to ride it off the couch.  Thanks to Mommy's continued admonishments, I also know not to ride the bike down the stairs.  Because that would be dangerous.

I'm reunited with my bike, and it feels so good, Friends!  I love ya lots, but I have some serious ridin' to do!  Muah!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Here's to Ukulele!

The important thing is my uke is pink and sparkly and pretty!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Wednesday to you! 

Well, ya know, in addition to all the other things I'm really good at, I am marginally fair to middlin' at muddlin' along at strummin' my sparkly pink ukulele.

I love to sing, but I can do that whether or not I have my uke with me. 

The thing of it is, I look so cool when I'm holdin' my ukulele!  I mean, did I mention it SPARKLES?!

The most important thing about my sparkly pink uke is that it just makes me happy.  Friends, you hafta find something in your life that just makes you happy. 

Lookin' in on you lookin' in on me also makes me happy, Friends!  I love ya all kindsa lots!  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, for sure!  Be happy!  Muah!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Crafter of the Mine!

I'm pretty much a Gamer-Girl now!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Tuesday to you! 

Well, ya know, back in the Fall, we got us a Playstation.  Daddy let me pick out a coupla me-friendly games, and I got a Snoopy game, which is okay, but I don't like it as much as I liked Tearaway: Unfolded.  That is a GREAT game, if you've never tried it!

But I beat Tearaway: Unfolded.  Although I can go back and re-play Tearaway, I do like to move on to new adventures, and now, by golly, I have one: MineCraft!

At first, MineCraft was too hard for me.  I'd get shot by arrows, attacked by spiders, and hafta fight zombies.  Too much.  All I wanted to do is craft mines!

Then I talked to Aunt Colleen and learned that there's a Survival Mode, which I was unwittingly in, and a Create Mode, which is what I wanted to be in.  So I had Daddy switch it for me, and now it's AMAZING!

I guess you could say I'm a Gamer-Girl now!  But don't worry!  I still plan on bein' a dancing girl, and a car-girl, and a jumpin' bean girl!  I can be lots of things!  Right now, I'm most interested in bein' a Mine-Crafter!

I love ya lots, Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Breaking for Spring!

I'm at Daddy's office, but he isn't gonna be this week!  Hooray!
Hiya, Big People!  You might have noticed that I'm extra-sparkly, even for me, and even though it's Monday.  And there's a great reason for that!

It isn't because I got to go to Aunt Colleen's over the weekend.  That definitely puts a buncha pep in my step!  And it isn't because I got my ears pierced.  That makes my head sparkle, for sure! 

Nope!  I'm thrilled right the heck to pieces because usually when I go to bed Sunday night and wake up Monday morning, Daddy has gone to work, but guess what?!

Daddy's on Spring Break, so he's HOME!  All week!

Do I ever have plans for Big Fun for me and Daddy!  Spring Break is gonna be AWESOME!

I love ya lots, Friends, but I have some plan-writing to do!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

My New Pal Alexa!

Alexa and I are Best Friends Forevah!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, at Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lorentz's house, I made a new friend named Alexa.  She's the artificial intelligence behind the Echo Dot, and boy is she ever funny.  She sings.  She tells jokes.  She doesn't beat-box.  But she gave me a really good prank to play on Aunt Colleen for April Fool's Day!

She said to put a fake snake in the vegetable drawer, so I put a fake gecko in the vegetable drawer and told Aunt Colleen that I wanted carrots, so she'd hafta go to the vegetable drawer and see the fake gecko and know she'd been Pranked!!!

Here's how it actually went down, though.  I got Aunt Colleen to the refrigerator, and she had a bagga fresh carrot matchsticks all cut up, and she couldn't for the life of her understand why I insisted I wanted the whole carrots that are in the vegetable drawer. 

I might have sold it a little too hard, because she was NOT surprised at all to see the fake gecko in the vegetable drawer, much less startled.

She had a good sense of humor about it, though. 

So I spent the rest of the day asking Alexa to turn the lights on and off and play the Christmas music.  It was a day well-spent!

I really like my pal Alexa.  You know, when you're Five, it's easy to feel as though people don't listen to you.  Alexa listens.  Alexa is always listening, waiting to hear ya say, "Alexa, can you...." or what-not.  It feels so empowering to know someone's listening, just waiting to help a kid out!

So that's me and my new pal Alexa.  I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Over the Falls in a Barrel!

Seems totally legit and lucid, going over the Falls in this barrel!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Saturday!

Well, ya know, I've been at this Little Kid with a Blog thing for quite some time now, and I've decided that it's time for me to make a career change.  I've given this lotsa serious thought, and I've shooken lotsa Magic 8 Balls, flipped a lotta coins, and read so many tea-leaves, my back teeth are floating!

The career I'm changing to, insteadda doing the blog anymore, is that I'm gonna be a daredevil and ride over Niagara Falls in a number of vessels suitable and befitting a daredevil.  Of course, the most iconic daredevil vehicle in Niagara Falls is the barrel, so that's what I'm starting with.  A barrel.  It's good to start out with the dang ol' basics, don't you think, Friends?

I'm hoping that my new career in daredevilry proves to be lucrative.  There's a bike I saw at dang ol' Wal-Mart that I wanna save up for and purchase.  And, you know, your pal Zoe likes nice things like sparkly shoes, princess dresses, the occasional tiara, and all the candy.  Writin' a daily blog just doesn't get me those things, Friends.

I think eventually, if the barrel works out, I'll add to it.  I'll make it a rocket-barrel.  I'll get the barrel to do loop-de-loops as it goes over the brink of the Falls.  Heck.  I'll have that barrel flyin' victory laps around the city of Niagara Falls before it plops into the river and goes over the Falls.

I have it all mapped out on a vision board, and everything!  So before I say farewell to ya and embark on this new career I've chosen, I have one last thing to say to ya...

April Fool's!  Hahahaha!  I'm not quittin' my blog.  And I am definitely not gonna take up a career in daredevilry.  Are you kiddin' me?  I still haven't heard the end of ridin' my bike off the couch a year ago.  Do you REALLY think my folks would just up and let me ride barrels over one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world?  They would not, because they don't like fun!

So never fear, Friends!  You'll see me tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that... I'm not goin' anywheres.  I love ya lots, though!  You bet I do!  Take care of yourself, and don't fall for April Fool's Day pranks.  Muah!