Saturday, April 1, 2017

Over the Falls in a Barrel!

Seems totally legit and lucid, going over the Falls in this barrel!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Saturday!

Well, ya know, I've been at this Little Kid with a Blog thing for quite some time now, and I've decided that it's time for me to make a career change.  I've given this lotsa serious thought, and I've shooken lotsa Magic 8 Balls, flipped a lotta coins, and read so many tea-leaves, my back teeth are floating!

The career I'm changing to, insteadda doing the blog anymore, is that I'm gonna be a daredevil and ride over Niagara Falls in a number of vessels suitable and befitting a daredevil.  Of course, the most iconic daredevil vehicle in Niagara Falls is the barrel, so that's what I'm starting with.  A barrel.  It's good to start out with the dang ol' basics, don't you think, Friends?

I'm hoping that my new career in daredevilry proves to be lucrative.  There's a bike I saw at dang ol' Wal-Mart that I wanna save up for and purchase.  And, you know, your pal Zoe likes nice things like sparkly shoes, princess dresses, the occasional tiara, and all the candy.  Writin' a daily blog just doesn't get me those things, Friends.

I think eventually, if the barrel works out, I'll add to it.  I'll make it a rocket-barrel.  I'll get the barrel to do loop-de-loops as it goes over the brink of the Falls.  Heck.  I'll have that barrel flyin' victory laps around the city of Niagara Falls before it plops into the river and goes over the Falls.

I have it all mapped out on a vision board, and everything!  So before I say farewell to ya and embark on this new career I've chosen, I have one last thing to say to ya...

April Fool's!  Hahahaha!  I'm not quittin' my blog.  And I am definitely not gonna take up a career in daredevilry.  Are you kiddin' me?  I still haven't heard the end of ridin' my bike off the couch a year ago.  Do you REALLY think my folks would just up and let me ride barrels over one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world?  They would not, because they don't like fun!

So never fear, Friends!  You'll see me tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that... I'm not goin' anywheres.  I love ya lots, though!  You bet I do!  Take care of yourself, and don't fall for April Fool's Day pranks.  Muah!

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