Wednesday, September 30, 2015

White Lion, Whitesnake, and Whitefish

Why isn't there a band called Whitefish?
Well, hiya Friends!  Happy Wednesday to you!

If you know me, you know I love to listen to musics of all kinds.  I really do, and lately, I've been enjoying the musical stylings of bands with the word "White" in their names.  You know, The White Stripes, White Lion, and White Snake, to name a few.

What really puzzles me is if there can be bands named after white animals, why isn't there a band named "Whitefish?"  There's all kinds of whitefish that need to be represented in rock music, like Tilapia, Cod, Haddock, Mahi Mahi.  You get my drift.  There's a lot of different varieties of whitefish that would enjoy rock'n'roll.

I'm not sure what a band named Whitefish would sound like, other than having scales feature heavily in their musics.  Maybe they'd make liberal use of distortion.  I'm not sure how they couldn't.  Things sound kind of distorted underwater, so maybe Whitefish could use that effect in their music.  I bet their beats would be nice and bubbly, though.

The world will prob'ly never know what a band called "Whitefish" would sound like, though, Friends, sadly.

Good thing there's lots of other bands making musics for us, though!

Hey.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, Big People!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Purple Rein...deer Pose

Some would call this Warrior Pose, but I like Purple Reindeer Pose instead!
Hiya, Friends! 

You know, I like to do some yoga to help me relax and to energize me and just help me get by in this crazy world.

One thing I really like to do when I'm at the Lake is do yoga down by the water.  And one thing I really like to do when I do my yoga, especially down by the water is to think of my own names for all the different poses.

Well, it just makes me feel like I'm stretching and exercising my creativity as well as just personalizing my exercises and making my yoga practice my very own.

My favorite pose right now is the one in the picture above.  I call it "Purple Rein...Deer."  Yoga experts would call this pose "Warrior I."  I think my name is more fun, and also, I'm wearin' a purple tutu-skirt, so it just fits.

You don't hafta be an expert to like to do yoga, Friends!  I'm no yoga expert, but I'm a fun expert, and that's what I let lead me.

Hey.  I love ya lots, Big People.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, mmmkay?  Muah!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Raising Awareness for the Plight of Little Pink Flamingos Everywhere!

Quality Control happening right here, Friends!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Monday to you!

Well, as you know, I just love pink flamingos.  Almost as much as I love Little Giraffes.  That's why I recently joined the Little Pink Flamingo Coalition, so I can help Little Pink Flamingos the way I'm able to help the Little Giraffes of the Wild Steppes of Everywhere.

The first step of helping the Little Pink Flamingos is to raise awareness of their plight.  I betchya didn't even know that Little Pink Flamingos had a plight that needed awareness of raised, but they do. 

You see, Little Pink Flamingos are a misunderstood bird.  Why, even my own Daddy misunderstands Little Pink Flamingos.  My very own Daddy!  For instance, he thinks that Little Pink Flamingos exist only to annoy him.  To junk up people's yards.  He sees Little Pink Flamingos as an antagonistic species!  And this misunderstanding has led to quite a bit of animosity between the Little Pink Flamingos and people like my Daddy!

Now, people who don't like Little Pink Flamingos aren't bad people; they're just misinformed.  It's like me, when I started out as a TigerBaby chewing on Little Giraffes.  My friend Sophie La Giraffe enlightened me and set me on my current path of seeking understanding and tolerance for Little Animals everywhere.  And I'm so glad she did!  So Daddy and other people who misunderstand Little Pink Flamingos aren't bad.  They just need to be clued in.  And that's what I seek to do!

So at a recent fundraiser for the Little Pink Flamingo Coalition, we duded up a ballroom at Little Giraffe International with lotsa Little Pink Flamingo-themed decorations.  We even had DRINKING STRAWS that had Little Pink Flamingo paper-ball decorations on top of 'em, for when we served our Little Pink Flamingo Approved Root Beer Floats.  They weren't pink like Flamingos, but they were a nice shade of creamy light-brown, which looks absolutely smashing against the bright pinkness of Little Pink Flamingos!

And the take-home message of the fundraiser, besides raising funds, is that Little Pink Flamingos are just like you and me, Friends, trying to make their way in the world.  Their bright pinkness isn't meant to annoy or 'junk things up.'  On the contrary, the Little Pink Flamingos are trying to make the world a more cheerful place, one lawn at a time.  One flowerbed at a time.  They aren't trying to take over the world.  They're just trying to make the world a more cheerful place.

And that's why I just love 'em, Friends.  I love you, too!  Be kind to the Little Pink Flamingos you meet!  Muah!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


I'm deep in a state of ContempLAKEtion today.  And always.
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, it's going on two months since my wonderful lake vacation with my family, and during these times, I like to take some time to reflect upon why I love the Lake so very much.

It isn't really that I love to swim.  I mean, I'll get in the water and such, for a time.  But the water in Seneca Lake is pretty chilly.  That's okay.  I like to ride in the kayak for a bit, but even then, I like to do other things.  I'm pretty happy playin' at the water's edge, looking for treasures like smoothed glass and interesting shells that wash up on the rocks.  I love havin' roasted marshmellas down by the fire, sure, but I don't hafta be at the whole LAKE to be able to do that.

I think what I love most about goin' to the Lake is that it's outside of my Normal Routine.  Daddy isn't at work.  Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lorentz are right there to play with me, whenever I want.  Gramma and Pop-Pop are right there; I don't even hafta get in the car to see 'em!  I get to stay up late and avoid taking naps, and nobody makes me feel guilty for either.  I mean, bein' at the Lake is where it's at.  All my favorite people gathered in one place for a whole entire week.  It doesn't get much better than that.

I think that's why I am so insistent upon keepin' the Spirit of my Lake Vacation alive, even after it's been over for a coupla months.  It's not livin' in the past at all, Friends; I like to think of it as keepin' my Happy Times closeby.

So in that spirit, I have some ContempLAKEtion to do today.  I love ya lots, Friends, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Toyota: A Massive Disappoint, and Not Because of the Reason You'd Think!

I thought Toyota was a toy store.  An actual toy store.
Friends, the other day on The Daily Zoe Facebook Picture Show, I learned an unfortunate thing about Toyota.

You see, previous to that Fateful Day, I was under the impression that Toyota was a great big toy store.  Well, it only makes sense.  'Toyota' has the very word TOY right in the front of it.  But they don't really sell toys at Toyota.  No.  They sell cars-n-trucks.

Big People, I know what you're gonna say.  You're gonna say that to you, cars-n-trucks ARE toys.  Upon that, I call 'hogwash.'  Big cars-n-trucks are too big for Little Kids like me to be able to use.  We can drive scaled down TOY vehicles, but the big ones that are purveyed by Toyota, we're too little to drive 'em.  The only thing we Little Kids can hope for from Toyota is to ride in one, which at best, is passive entertainment.

We like to have our hands on the steering wheel, Big People!  Little Kids are more capable than you think!

As for you Big People callin' cars-n-trucks YOUR toys, you're adults.  Call cars-n-trucks Cars-N-Trucks, but don't call 'em toys.  They are not toys.  They go fast.  They're big.  They're heavy.  And if you're not careful, they can be dangerous.  I'm just sayin' call cars-n-trucks what they ARE!  You Big People take fiber supplements, watch the Evening News, and make the tough decisions at the grocery store.  You don't need to be callin' cars-n-trucks 'toys' when we all know they aren't.  Because when you do, you raise expectations of us Little Kids.  We think we're goin' somewheres fun, and as it turns out, we're just goin' in the dang ol' Family Bus.  Which might be a Toyota-brand vehicle or it might not.

Anyways, Friends, I was really disappointed to find out that Toyota isn't an actual toy store that sells stuff for Little Kids to play with.  But I love ya just the same, all right?  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Friday, September 25, 2015

When My Words Fail Me

Not all my jokes work out the way I envision they will.
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Friday to you!

You know, some people see me as a pretty witty Little Kid, and those people are just tops in my book.  It really is nice to have my special skill-set noticed and acknowledged, you know?

However, as witty a Little Kid as I am, sometimes my jokes and one-liners kinda fall flat.  I'm not sure if they just don't live up to my original intention and hope for them, or if something gets lost sometime between joke concept and joke execution, but sometimes, my words just leave everybody sayin' huh?! insteadda HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What's a kid to do in sucha situation?  Well, I'll tell ya what, Big People!  I admit that I do feel a little embarrassed when a joke or witticism I say falls flat, but I don't draw too much attention to my embarrassment.  First of all, if I don't act all embarrassed, there's always the possibility that my audience (those to whom I'm speaking), might think that I'm just a little too high-concept for them to understand, and in which case, they don't want to draw attention to their own bewilderment at the things that have come outta my mouth.  Also, I wouldn't wanna suggest such and make 'em feel bad.  Or worse, have 'em ask me to expound.  Because then, I'd expose my own acknowledgement of my words fallin' flat.

So I don't act all embarrassed.  Sometimes if I've really laid an egg, I announce it, though.  I'll say 'Welp, better put some construction cones out around that joke!  It needs some Work!'  and make the flatness part of the joke.

I never let a failed joke or witticism stop me from telling more jokes and witticisms, though, Friends.  Nobody likes a winner all the time, so I try to keep that in mind.  I'll win some jokes, and I'll lose some jokes.  Either way, it's nothing to get all torn up about.

Hey.  I'll see ya tomorrow, Friends!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Living Installation Art

You can't make me leave the Lake if I'm a work of Installation Art!
Hiya, Friends!

Happy Thursday the Twenty-Fourth to you!  You know what it usually means whenever it's the Twenty-Fourth of the Month.  It usually means I'm gonna remind you of how many shoppin' months you have until it's Christmas Eve.  And I'm gonna do the same today, but I'm not gonna harp on it. 

Three.  You have three shoppin' months until Christmas Eve.

Okay.  I'd like to talk to you about a coup I tried to stage over the summer.  I wanted not to hafta come home and end my Wonderful Lake Vacation, so I decided I'd partner up with some driftwood and become a work of Living Installation Art.  Installation Art stays put where it's installed.  Its environment is just as much a part of the art as the art itself is, and that's how I feel that I truly am at the Lake.  It is in my very SOUL!

Mommy and Daddy don't listen when I tell them this.  They make me pack up my stuff after our vacation and they make me come home to the Ordinary.  I really thought they'd see my point if I made myself a work of Living Installation Art.  I really thought they'd tell me I could stay at the Lake indefinitely, or at least until it gets cold and I wanna come home.

But no.  They said I looked 'cute' in front of the driftwood and hoisted me up and carried me up to where my stuff was waiting for me to pack it and carry it out to the truck.  So much for either of them being major art appreciators. 

Cretans, is what they are, my folks.

Anyways, Friends.  At least I still have the memories of the Lake and of bein' installation art at the Lake.  It was fun while it lasted!

I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not All Nineties Were Created Equal

If ya wanna see more of this face, keep on playin' that Ace of Bass, Old-Timer!
Well, hiya, Friends!  Happy Wednesday to ya!

As you know, I'm an avid student of musics from different decades.  There isn't a one decade I can't find some sort of musical home within, but that doesn't mean that I love all musics from all decades.

The Nineties, for example.  I'm talking about the Nineteen-Nineties.  Nothing makes me happier than hearin' some Spice Girls musics, for instance.  Namely, the one about 'tell me whatchya want, whatchya really, really want!'  I love that song!  I could dance to it all night!  Oh, and Aqua with 'Barbie Girl,' Len with 'Don't Steal My Sunshine,' the Barenaked Ladies 'Million Dollars,' and 'It's All Been Done,' the entire Metallica 'Black Album,' because this kid likes to get mean sometimes, roar... 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana, on accounta that changed everything... Eiffel 65's 'Blue,' because it's just so happy and danceable.

See?  I'm pretty much up for anything, music-wise.

However, if ya really wanna hafta take the wind right outta my sails, put on Ace of Bass.  Earworms.  Every song they put out.  They dig right into your ears.  I won't mention any of their titles, because if you survived the era in which that music was in heavy rotation on the radio, the mere mention of the titles will bring the song into your mind, and you'll be painfully singing it in your head for the better part of a fortnight.  In fact, I apologize in advance if mentioning this group's name brought on an onset of acute AoB Earwormage.

Not all Nineties Musics were created equal, Friends.  Take it from your pal Zoe.  I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday: The Also-Ran of the Week!

Tuesday can't even make First Runner Up, can ya believe it?!
Hiya, Big People!

Can you believe it's Tuesday again already?

Tuesdays are strange things, aren't they, Friends?  They aren't as reviled as Mondays are, but when ya don't have a Monday and Tuesday steps into that position, there's almost as much distaste for 'em. 

So Tuesdays can't even win first place in the race for Most Disliked Day of the Week!

I don't think you'd ever see Tuesday winning any Best Day of the Week awards, either.  There's usually not much to look forward to, when you're thinkin' about Tuesdays.  I mean, what usually comes to mind?  Taco Tuesdays?

That's okay and all.  Tacos are good.  If you're talking about the band Taco, of "Puttin' on the Ritz" fame, they're all right, too, but you can't really build an entire day around one song that trots out for weddings and proms and such.  Especially if that day is on a Tuesday.  Nobody puts on the ritz for Tuesday.

I guess you could say that of the week, Friends, Tuesday is the also-ran.  Worth a mention, but everybody's already lookin' at Wednesday and wondering what zaniness it's gonna bring.

So on that note, Friends, I'm gonna letchya go.  I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Might'swell Embrace It!

Cooler Days are ahead, but that's okay.
Well, hiya, Friends!  Happy Monday to you! 

I guess that we've come to the time of the year where we really hafta start thinkin' about sayin' so long to the Summer.  I'm not bein' the bearer of Bad News or anything.  I mean, anybody with a calendar can tell that we're on the final countdown to Fall.

Summer is a particularly difficult season for me to let go of, as a rule, Friends.  I like the other seasons, too.  There's charm to be found in the crisp days of autumn, there's beauty to be found on the frostiest days of winter.  And Springtime... oh, Springtime, with its golden forsythia and bursting blossoms...

But.  Summertime around here is when there's no school, and while school doesn't directly affect me just yet, the time's coming.  Summertime around here is the ONE time of year that we can count on no freezing rain.  I don't hafta wear outerwear. 

I think not havin' to wear a coat when I go places, or as I sit inside my house is the thing I miss most about Summer when we're enjoying the other seasons.

But like I said, Summer's coming to an end, and there is nothing any of us can do to prevent it or change it.  The way I see it, we might as well embrace it.  Like I said, there's lotsa charm about autumn.  I'm gonna focus my energies on likin' Fall for the next few months. 

I love ya lots, though, Friends!  And I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Arnot Trail

What?  There's a tree behind me!
Hiya, Friends! 

Well ya know, there's nothing like spendin' a Sunday takin' a horse-ride.  You know, getting out, communing with Nature.  Hearin' the clip-clop, clip-clop of the horse hooves on the ground, feelin' the breeze on your face, takin' note of the trees and sunlight and little plants along the way.

It's so easy to get all wrapped up in the day-to-day grind, isn't it?  I mean, most of the time, a kid's just tryin' to get from Here to There and Back Again. 

There's rarely any time just to relax and take the time to smell the fragrant aroma of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, wafting from the ovens of the Great American Cookie Company.  

Sometimes, you've just gotta just hop on a horse, slow the heck down, and take a little time to pick the 5 for $5 Antibacterial Hand Gels at the dang ol' Bath&Body Works or mosey on down to Yankee Candle Company.

So if you're wondering what to do today, how to spend your Sunday, I highly recommend heading down to the Arnot Trail and hiring Lavender the Horse for a ride.  Tell her Zoe sentchya, and she'll help you get back in touch with Nature.  I love ya Big People!  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Soak Up The Last of Summer

Enjoy these warm days, but have your woolies at the ready, Big People!
Hiya, Friends!  How's your Saturday going?

You know, today's supposed to be a nicey warm day.  I love nicey warm days, and I betchyoo do, too!

Thing of it is, Fall is just around the corner.  Along with Pumpkin Spice in Everything, Fall brings along with it cooler temperatures.

It's time to start planning our Autumn Fashion Layering Strategy.  It's better to do this while the weather's warm, so you don't find yourself shivering and piling on every sweater you own when the temperatures drop.

But today, Friends, I think you'd better go out there and soak up the last of Summer.  Soak up all the warmness.  Soak up the sun.  You'll be glad you did!

I love ya lots, and I'll be seein' ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Luggage Carts: The Vehicle of Choice for Discerning Little Kids

The duffel bag has the right idea!  This is a stylish way to travel!
Hiya, Big People!  You know what?  Hotels have the best ideas ever, and the best of those best ideas in my book is the luggage cart.

That's right!  Those wheelie things that you find in the hotel lobby that have a place for your suitcases and then up top, there's a bar for your hangables.  These luggage carts usedta be the realm of bellmen and bellmen only, but with the advent of spinner luggage, hotels are less and less likely to employ a bellman, so the hotel guests finally get to get their hands on these marvels of hospitality industry transportation.

Psst- If you DO stay at a hotel with a bellman, though, let him take ya to your room and give him a nice tip.  He's there to make your stay more nicer on arrival and departure end of things.  Just do it, Big People!

Anyways, I recently had the privilege of riding with my luggage down the hall, in an elevator, through the lobby, and out the door and across a parking lot.  It was just a wonderful experience.  I felt like such a big cheese, ridin' on that luggage cart.  I felt special. 

In fact, I will go so far as to say that hotel luggage carts are the vehicle of choice for the discerning Little Kid traveler.  How about that?!

Hey.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, Friends.  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

That Really Grinds My Gears!

What am I so mad about?  Things and Stuff!  That's what!
Friends!  Do you ever get so mad that you can't even articulate what it is you're feeling, let alone say whatever it was that setchya off the way it did?

I sure do!  I guess you could say it's just part of the Little Kid condition.  It's fair to say that we Little Kids can get mad at the drop of a hat, and sometimes, we don't even know why we're flippin' out the way we are.

That's our reputation, anyways, but of course there's more to the story than that.  There are two very specific things that really grind our gears as Little Kids, and I'm gonna tell you all about 'em, so you can avoid me havin' to make the face at you that I'm makin' to the camera in the above-included photograph.

What sets us off as Little Kids are THINGS and STUFF.  Man alive, Things and Stuff really grind our gears as a rule, Big People.  If you don't want to be on our bad sides, just avoid doing Things and Stuff at all costs. 

Unless we WANT you to do Things and Stuff.  There's always the possibility that what's really grindin' our gears is the omission of Things and Stuff from this particular part of our day. 

Well, how does a Big Person tell the difference, you might be wondering, and Friend, I'll tell ya what, just keep it to yourself, because that right there is a great way to make us mad, too.  In fact, I'm gettin' a little hot under the collar right now, because here I am, tryin' to help ya out, and you're just askin' me all kinds of inane questions when you just really should TRUST ME about this Things and Stuff issue! 

And the crazy thing is I'm not even wearin' a collar! 

Listen.  You're the grown-ups.  You should know what we Little Kids want or need before we even know.  We shouldn't hafta paint you a picture!  Do you understand me?!

I swear, something must be in retrograde!  You know what I'm gonna do?  I'm gonna just go relax and cool off.  I'll see ya tomorrow, Friends!  ROOOOOAAAAAAR!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Archeological Artifacts!

Look! It's an outside phone you put money in so you can talk to your friends!
Friends, recently I traveled to the mythical Land of Ohio, and I saw many amazing things. 

Perhaps one of the most amazing things I saw was at the Welcome Center, not long after we arrived in Ohio.  You're not going to believe this, Big People, but they had this telephone outside, kinda sheltered from the elements by something like a booth, I suppose.  And on the telephone, there were slots for you to put different denominations of coins.  I have never seen anything like this in my whole entire life, but I think it's a really good idea!

I mean, sure, everybody has a cellular telephone these days, but I kinda like the idea of retro technology, and also, sometimes a cellular tower is down, or there just isn't one in a place.  Having a telephone you can put coins into in exchange for being allowed to make a call just seems like a brilliant idea to me.

And back to the little phone-house that was like a booth.  How brilliant would it be if places installed these little phone-houses in their establishments, so that if your cellular telephone rings while you're shopping in a store or dining in a restaurant, or waiting in a waiting room, insteadda just blabbing all over the place on your telephone, or going into the bathroom to use a bathroom stall to talk in, you could remove yourself to one of these little telephone houses... heck... Let's just call it a telephone-booth, for simplicity's sake.  This way, you could be ensured of having a quiet, private spot to continue your telephone conversation, and the people in the restaurant, store, waiting room, or bathroom can go about their lives without having to feel awkward because you're having a loud one-sided private conversation in a public venue. 

Somebody really ought to look into this telephone-booth thing.  I think it's a GREAT idea!

Hey.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, Friends!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Embarrassment Derails Trains of Thought!

Hiya, Friends!  Happy Tuesday to you!

When I'm embarrassed, I get flustered and forget stuff!
Hey, have you ever noticed the way you can be really focused on something, on making a certain point, and then ya get embarrassed and wind up forgetting what it was you were doing or thinking about or focusing on?

I call that havin' your train of thought derailed.

Embarrassment is one of those things that can derail a train of thought, right quick, you know. 

For instance, I was doin' my The Daily Zoe Facebook Picture Show one day, and I had everything all planned out in my head, what I was gonna talk about and such.  And then someone on my production crew said I wasn't sittin' very ladylike, and it embarrassed me. 

Don't get me wrong.  I had on some pants, and nobody could see my Doc McStuffins underpants through my pants, but apparently, there's still an embargo on sittin' certain ways in polite company, and apparently, my production crew considers themselves polite company, so they called me out on the way I was sitting.

I suppose they had a point and all.  But what really happened is that I felt embarrassed, bein' called out like that.  And when I got embarrassed, I ended up forgetting all about what I wanted to talk about on the Facebook show.  All's I could talk about was apologizin' for not sittin' very ladylike.

It wasn't one of my more professional moments, but I've gotta tell ya, Friends, it really just flustered me to no end!

I guess this sort of thing happens to everyone, Big People, so I hadn't oughtta dwell on it.  But that's easier said than done.

Hey.  I'm glad you stop in to see me every day, and I sure do love ya lots!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Queen of the Monday

When you're Queen of the Monday, the sky is the limit!
Hiya, Friends!  You may notice that I'm wearin' a crown today, and that's because I am the Queen of Monday.

I didn't win any contest to make me Queen of Monday.  Nobody divinely appointed me Queen of Monday.  I just decided for myself that I'm gonna be Queen of Monday.  If ever there was a day of the week that needed a Queen to reign it in, it's dang ol' Monday, so I'm gonna do my best. 

What really drew me to bein' Queen of Monday is that I just want to wear my sparkly crown, you know?  Have you ever noticed that things are just easier to cope with when you're wearing a sparkly crown?  I've gotta believe that it's the same way with Mondays.  They'll just be a little easier to deal with if I greet it with a crown on my head.

Hey.  You know what, Friends?  Monday is a pretty big thing.  I'll betchya there's LOTS of Monday to go around.  We could all be Kings and Queens of Mondays.  If ya don't have a sparkly crown to wear, cut yourself out a paper crown.  Or just adopt the attitude that you're wearin' a crown when it comes to Monday.  It'll mess with ya less.  That's my hope!

Anyways, Friends, I think you're just magnificent.  Let's work together to make this Monday magnificent, too.  I love ya lots!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Playin' With The Writer's Blocks Again!

I suppose I could build with writer's blocks!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Sunday to you! 

Well, ya know, sometimes, things to write for this blog come really easy to me.  I can write a buncha stuff, and it's effortless!

This time right now is NOT one of those effortless times. 

Maybe I'm all keyed up over turning four, still.  Maybe it's just the time of year.  I don't know what it is.  But I seem to have caught a case of the Writer's Block the way the Common Cold is going around this time of year.

Of course, it'll pass.  It always does.  And in the meantime, I've gotta figure out something to do with all the Writer's Blocks lying around.  I could probably build a pyramid.  That'd be cool.  I definitely think I oughtta build something where I build up with the writer's blocks.  Then I can use 'em to climb up and over the blocks, and have something to write to you about.  How about that?!

What do you do when you're blocked by something, Friends?  Do you build something with the blocks?  Do you curl up in a little ball at the bottom of the blocks and get comfortable?

Well, it'll pass.  I know it will, Friends.  I'll be back tomorrow. A little writer's block is better than a big writer's block.  I love ya Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday: Have It Your Way!

I'll have one Fabulous Saturday, extra fun, and a side of sparkles, please!
Well, hiya, Big People!  Happy Saturday to you!

You know, havin' a Saturday is a lot like going to Burger King.  You can have your Saturday any way you want.  You just hafta order it up right!

I can't tell ya what kind of a Saturday to order, any more than I can tell ya how to have 'em make your burger at Burger King, but I can tell ya what kind of Saturday I'm ordering.

I'm havin' the Fabulous Saturday Special, with Extra Fun (Some Fun comes standard, you know), and a side of Sparkles.  And root beer.

That's how your pal Zoe does her Saturday up right.  But you've gotta figure out what makes Saturday great for YOU, Friends.  Nobody can tell ya what's right for you, but you!

Hey.  I love the heck right outta ya.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow.  Be good!  Muah!

Friday, September 11, 2015

September Eleventh

In some ways we are different, but in so many ways, we are the same.
Hiya, Friends! Usually, I'd say "Happy Friday," and while I DO want ya to be happy today, I understand that today is a day for remembrance and reflection.

I was born ten years after the terrorist attacks of September Eleventh.  In fact, I came home from the hospital on a cold and rainy September Eleventh, 2011, which I hear is the exact opposite of the warm and sunny September Eleventh of 2001. 

I understand that I'm growing up in a very different world than all of you who are old enough to remember 9/11/2001.  I'm not sure if it's a better or worse world... aspects are better, aspects are worse.  It's just...different

I do hope that my generation never has to know the horror of a day like 9/11/2001.  I do hope your generation never has to live to see another day of horrors like 9/11/2001.

Friends, we're all Just People.  Every single one of us, around the world. Strip away the politics and the religion and the geographical boundaries and the language differences, and we are all Just People.  We're all connected.  My friend Daniel Tiger has a perfect saying for this: "In some ways we are different, but in so many ways, we are the same."

In so many ways, we are the same, Friends. 

I love ya lots, Big People.  I really do.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow.  Muah!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Four is everything I hoped it'd be!
Hiya, Friends!  As you know, yesterday was my Fourth Birthday. 

As far as birthdays go, it was a pretty darned good one.  I went to the gym with Mommy and exercised.  I got to eat a cupcake for breakfast, which totally cancelled out the exercise in the gym, but whatchya gonna do?  A new Daniel Tiger recorded on the television, so I got to watch that. Then,  Mommy filled up my pool out on the gazebo, and I got to do a little swimming, but that was right when it started to rain, so the air was cooler, and also, my swimming pool does not feature heat, so that water was straight outta the hose.

Well, it was fun, but chilly, that swim.  And with all the rain, I just figured it best if we come back inside and I could watch some of my favorite films.  So that's what we did.

I got to have spaghetti for supper, and then cupcakes and I had a present to open.

I'd say it wasn't a bad way to start out Four.

I have high expectations for this age, Friends!  And I thank you for coming along with me on this ride!  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy Birthday, ME!

I think I'm gonna like bein' four years old, Friends!
Well, hiya, Friends!  Happy Wednesday, and happy birthday to ME!

That's right.  I am four years old today, and I like it.

I don't really have any special plans for today, really.  I'm gonna have some birthday cake.  Mommy and Daddy have a coupla presents for me that I'll get to open a little later on.  I like havin' a pre-birthday and a regular birthday.  It stretches out the specialness over a longer period of time.  I like that!

I keep thinkin' back to my very first birthday.  I was at the hospital, I remember.  They made me wear a little hat and I was always wrapped up in blankets.  It made me really sleepy, that little hat, and all those blankets.  I mean so sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open!

And every time I fell asleep, I'd wake up in a clear plastic box with wheels!  That was something!  I remember specifically asking for cake, since it was my birthday, and all.  I figured the hospital would at least bring me cake.  I'd heard all about birthday cake.  No such luck.  If they heard me, they did a darn good job of ignoring my requests for cake. 

Right off the bat, I learned that as a Noob, I hadn't oughtta trust people over two, because they'll just act like they can't hear the words coming out of your mouth and make it all out that you're just crying.  And they don't give ya cake.  Pfffft.

But I had plenty of people around on my Very First Birthday.  No shortage of hugs from grandparents and Daddy and Mommy.  That was nice.  I love hugs.

And in true My Family fashion, the celebrating wasn't over after the sun went down on my Very First Birthday.  Nope!  The next day was a Saturday, and I met Aunt Colleen and Uncle Lorentz for the very first time, and they brought me a BALLOON for my Very First Birthday!  How about that?!

And then when I came home for the Very First Time, I got to meet Rozzie, my best pal. 

That Very First Birthday was really great and definitely a hard one to top, but I've loved all my birthdays since. 

Thank you for stoppin' in to see me today, anyways, Friends! I love ya!  Muah!  I'll see ya tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Last Day As A Three-Year-Old

I hope I do as gooda job at Four as I did with Three!
Happy Tuesday!  How was everybody's Labor Day Weekend?  I had a great one, as always.  

Well, Friends, this is my last day of bein' Three Years Old.  I don't mean to keep dwellin' on this, but it's a big deal to me to be turning Four, after bein' Three for literally a quarter of my whole entire life.  It seems a little weird and scary to be thinkin' about not bein' Three anymore after today.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm really lookin' to bein' Four.  Three was good to me, but Four holds so much excitement I can hardly stand it. 

I mean, since I'll be Four tomorrow, I think I'll pretty much get to go play on my swingset all by myself.  I won't hafta wait around for Mommy or Daddy to push me on the swing.  I can get myself on a swing now.  I'll be able to use my slide on my own, with less supervision.  Maybe I'll get to spend more time in the yard, Just Me, without somebody else (MOMMY!!!) constantly hovering around me.

Also, as a Four-Year-Old, I plan on helping get food in Rozzie's food dish.  I've dabbled in this pastime, and as it turns out, I love feeding Rozzie, and I'm pretty good at it.  I'm also looking forward to being more helpful around the house.  You Big People might think this is just nutso, but for a Little Kid, bein' asked to Help Out, and given a task and real tools to use, like the real broom, or the real mop, or a cloth and real squirt bottle for the windows... it really just makes the heck right outta a Little Kid's day. 

Maybe I'll even be able to help with the laundry and the vacuuming when I'm Four. 

I like gettin' bigger, Friends. Bein' a baby was a lot of fun.  A LOT of fun.  But even I've gotta acknowledge that my world was pretty teeny-tiny when I was a baby.  My diet was bland and boring or blended up.  Gettin' bigger is where it's at, and that's really great, because that seems to be the direction in which I head.

Hey.  I love the heck right outta ya, Big People!  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow- on my BIRTHDAY!   I've never had a birthday on a Wednesday before, so I think it'll be a new adventure!  Have a great Tuesday!  Muah!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Flamingos Work Hard Every Day

The glamorous life of a Flamingo is hard work!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Labor Day to you! 

Well, ya know, as all of us take a nicey long weekend, I'd like to salute those who don't get to take the day off.  In particular, I'd like to salute my Little Flamingo Friends, whose job it is to be fabulous in the garden, and who are right there in the garden right now, being fabulous, even though it's a holiday weekend designed to give workers a break.

Do YOU think it must be easy to stand outside and maintain a fabulous pink glow, day-in, day-out?  Well, that's what the Little Flamingos do, Friends.  They bring cheer on even the most cheerless day. 

Plus, when there's a wind, their little propeller-wings go around and around.  Up here in the Bing, we have a lot, a LOT of wind!  Those little propeller wings go around and around like nobody's business, without even a rest!  All in the name of making life a little more cheerful for us people who are not a vibrant shade of pink and who do not have propeller wings on 'em.

So on this Labor Day, I salute the Little Flamingos and the people everywhere who had to work anyways today.

I love ya lots, Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Sunday, September 6, 2015


This sure is a wild ride, Big People!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, I'm gonna be four soon.  On Wednesday, actually.  I'm pretty excited.  I mean, who wouldn't be?  I've heard some great things about Four.

But I can't help but reflect on Three, in my final days of being this age.

I'm not gonna lie.  Three was kind of turbulent for all of us.  It was turbulent for me, especially, and I think people kinda forget that.  From my point of view, there's all the turbulence that comes with being Two, but more.  You know how it is.  The eternal struggle of a Little Kid knowing they could do things Big People do, and the imperiousness of the Big People.  The constant underestimation.

It isn't nice or fun, but it's a fact of Little Kid Life.

Anyways, like I said, I've heard a lot of good things about Four.  I'm lookin' forward to being treated more like a Big Person and less like a Little Kid.  Maybe bein' allowed to help more in the kitchen.  I got a taste for that sort of thing during my Year of Being Three.  I like it.  Also, I look forward to being allowed to help clean the house.  Particularly, I have my eyes on that can of Pledge.  The things I could clean with that can of Pledge! 

But I'm not planning on getting too big to ride the luggage cart at hotels my family and I may stay at. Or being too sophisticated for the coin-operated rides at the mall.  I also plan to maintain my fandom of the toy department of every store that has one.

I think Four's gonna be pretty nice, Friends.  I still have a few days left of bein' Three, but I wanted to thank ya for helping make Three sucha great age for me, despite the turbulence.  I love the dickens right outta ya, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salsa Saturday

Shake your tail-feathers, Friends!  It's good for your Soul!
Well, hiya, Big People!

How 'bout this weather, anyways?  How the heck right about it?  Hot and sunny.  No rain in sight!

You know how I like to celebrate days like this, Friends?


Since today's Saturday, and it's a long weekend, why don't you join me in Salsa Saturday, a day where we eat salsa and dance the Salsa.  Because the more you say "salsa," the more hilarious it starts to sound!  Try it, Friends!

Dancing is pretty much my answer to everything.  I think it really enhances a weekend such as this one.  I think it really makes things a lot more fun.

I know there's some of you who think you look silly when you dance, but it really doesn't matter.  Silly is a lotta fun, if ya let it be.  And you're just at your place, anyway.  Who's watchin' ya dance?  Who'd make fun of you?  Invite 'em to dance with ya.  How about that?!

Have a great weekend, Friends!  I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Friday, September 4, 2015


If ya say his name three times, he appears and causes mischief!
Friends, it's Friday, and if there were ever a great day to have a Movie Night, it's Friday night.  And do I ever have a doozie of a movie for you to watch!

It's an oldie, I guess, but it's my favorite movie right now.  I caught the tail-end of it on the television the other night, and had Daddy record it in its entirety for me, for perusal at a later date.

It's Beetlejuice, Friends!  A classic tale about a rogue ghoul who aims to use every supernatural trick in his bag to evict a family of obnoxious living people from his clients' Connecticut farmhouse, often to humorous effect!

I know what you're thinkin'.  That's dark subject matter for a Little Kid such as myself.  Movies like that oughtta scare the dickens right outta me.  But thingofitis, Friends, the scariest thing about Beetlejuice is all that '80s hair! 

Speaking of scary '80s hair, I also watched Edward Scissorhands and liked it, but Daddy doesn't like that movie, so he didn't record it for me.  But I did get to see it in its entirety, on the television. 

I think they're great fun movies, anyways, Big People.  If that makes me a weird little kid, so be it. You still like me.  You know it.  I know it. 

Hey.  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Say Anything...

...nice about my Little Giraffe Friends!
Hiya, Friends!

I know I don't talk about it all the time like I used to, but I still do work very hard to raise awareness of the plight of Little Giraffes of the Wild Steppes Everywhere.  I am here to help Little Giraffes.

As a reformed Tiger Baby who would chew on a particular Little Giraffe named Sophie La Giraffe and make her squeak in discomfort, my activism on behalf of the Little Giraffes goes beyond hashtag activism.  My work with the Little Giraffes is more than just putting inflammatory things on my social media newsfeed, to incite and goad non-Little Giraffe sympathizers. 

What do I do for the Little Giraffes?  Well, I listen to their concerns.  I try to help them find solutions to their problems.  I raise awareness that chewing on Little Giraffes is uncomfortable for them, but those Little Giraffes can comfort Tiger Babies with sore gums in other ways, like with lotsa cuddles and lively conversation.  I try to facilitate dialogue between my People, the Tiger Babies, TigerToddlers, and Tiger Little Kids, and the Little Giraffes.  When need be, or I just want to, I adopt Little Giraffes to come live with me at my Little Giraffe Ranch.  It's so rewarding, Friends. 

There's a walk I try to walk, Friends, when it comes to the Little Giraffes.  I'm here for them!

I love ya lots, Big People, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cookin' With Zoe

Life is unfair.
Well, Friends, I guess there's sucha thing as too much of a good thing, and it'll getchya thrown in Time Out to think about all that too much of a good thing.

Lemme wanna tell ya what happened.

See, I was helpin' Daddy cook recently.  We were havin' some scrambled eggs.  I helped crack the eggs.  I whisked the eggs to a nice, sunny yellow color.  I watched Daddy put the milk in, and kept whisking.

And then, Daddy turned around to do something.  I don't know what.  It doesn't matter.  But I figured that if a little milk in the scrambled eggs was good, then a whole big globba milk is even better, so I took that jugga milk- I mean it was pertineer full, as it was a brand-new gallon jugga milk, and I started pourin'.

Well, don'tchya know that's about the time Daddy turned around and saw me, and flipped his lid completely.  I got about half the gallon of milk in the eggs, but apparently that was wrong.  I got sat in Time Out for wastin' all that milk.  I had to go sit there and think about how I shouldn't have poured all that milk into the scrambled eggs, because I ended up wastin' the milk and the eggs. 

I thought about it, all right.  I know I shoulda asked before I started pourin' the milk, but here's the thing.  Pourin' milk is a lotta fun.  Also, by my reckoning, Daddy shoulda put himself in Time Out, right alongside me, on accounta he's the one who turned around, leaving me alone with the gallon jugga milk.  If it were THAT important that I not pour it all out, he coulda put it out of my reach after he got done putting in what he deemed the appropriate amount of milk.  But he didn't.

That's how it is when you're a Three-Year-Old, Friends.  Your Big People mess up, and somehow, it's you who gets sent to Time Out.  Mommy's just as bad an offender of this as Daddy is.  Life is really unfair when you're three. 

I'll tell ya what, though.  Crap like this isn't gonna flush next week, when I turn FOUR.  Mommy and Daddy are gonna find out just who they're dealin' with here, and there'll be no more unfair incarceration in Time Out of this Little Kid!  I am gonna fight the power when I'm Four! 

I'd start now, but I understand some birthday presents hang in the balance.  That doesn't make me a hypocrite.  It makes me a savvy worker of the system.  Don't judge, Friends.

Hey.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, Big People.  I love ya lots!  Muah!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's My 950th Post!

Buckle up, Big People!  We're about to take off!
Well, hiya, Friends!  Happy Tuesday to ya!

Today is my nine-hundred fiftieth post on this weblog!  How about that?!  I'm just lettin' you know this because that means since this is a daily blog, and I've been keepin' up with it bein' an actual daily blog all this time, in fifty days, it'll be my one-thousandth blog post, and that's a big deal, Friends!

No, I'm not doing anything like any giveaways for Post 950 or Post 1000.  I don't really have anything to give away, except maybe for all the clothes I've outgrown since I was New, or maybe some of the toys I let Mommy sort out of my office yesterday.  (That was a pretty painful process, anyways, Friends, sortin' out my outgrown toys.  Did it ever OCCUR to Mommy that the reason I haven't played with some of 'em since I was fifteen months old is because I couldn't FIND 'em?  Whatever.  It's her world.  I just live in it.  Pfffffft.)

Anyways, what I'm really sayin' is thank you for coming along with me every day when you check in to The Daily Zoe Blog.  It sure makes this Little Kid feel like sucha Big Cheese.

Now, put your tray-tables up into their full upright positions, stow any electronic devices, except maybe the one you're using to read this blog, pay attention to the safety briefing, and buckle up.  I've put the buckle up light on.  We're gettin' ready to take off.

The sky's the limit for where we can go, Friends, and maybe not even the sky.  You never know where I'm gonna be takin' you, here at The Daily Zoe Blog.  You just never know!  So check back tomorrow.  I love ya lots!  Muah!