Monday, February 23, 2015

The Daily Zoe is Three!

Time sure flies when you're havin' fun!
Hiya, Big People! 

Well, today marks the third anniversary of my picture-show over on the dang ol' Facebook.  I cannot believe it.  But I remember that day, a Thursday.  I was dressed in my little Carter's dress that had the lime green cardigan with it. 

And I remember it was a Thursday, because sometimes on Thursdays, I'd bring in donuts for my co-workers.  I drove my Pink Jeep around the drive-up at Donut Dude's, and ordered a boxa coffee and a whole buncha donuts for my coworkers, and got up to the payin' window only to find out that Donut Dude was OUT OF DONUTS that day!  Oh my goodness! 

As you might be thinking, I had some words for Donut Dude. 

Little did I know there was a camera, watchin' the whole thing.  It wound up on the Facebook.  People clicked 'like.'  One thing led to another, and now, three years later, here I am.  Every day, I turn up on the newsfeeds of my friends on the Facebook.  Donut Dude and I are good friends now.  Sometimes, I even help him out at his donut shop. 

He doesn't run outta donuts anymore.

Sadly, I don't drive around in my Pink Jeep anymore.  I outgrew it.  I hope one day to have another Jeep.  It'd be great if it's pink, but I like red Jeeps and black Jeeps, too.  

My show on the Facebook usedta be run by the Executives, who called the shots and decided whether or not I'd be coming back for new volumes of The Daily Zoe on Facebook.  A lotta times, I wouldn't know until the last day if I was bein' renewed for another 200 photos.  It was so nerve-wracking, and also, I felt like the Executives weren't payin' attention.  I felt like the Executives didn't care about me as a person or as a talent.  So last year, right around this time, I gave myself the gift of quitting my gig with the Executives and striking out on my own.  The Daily Zoe is an independent outfit now, Friends, and I'll tell ya what.  It sure does eat the Executives' lunch, that people still like seein' me on their newsfeeds. 

Those Executives told me that my Facebook show would fail without them, Friends.  They said I'd be back, workin' for them, fetchin' 'em coffee and cleanin' their toilets, and I wouldn't have any show anymore. 

This made me really mad when they said those things, Friends.  In hindsight, though, I think it's really interesting that the Executives specifically said they'd make me clean their toilets AND fetch their coffee... I wouldn't want a disgruntled former-former employee anywhere near my coffee, if they also have access to my toilet.  You know what I'm sayin', Big People?

Anyways, nuts to those Executives.  

Of course, this blog doesn't turn three until September, but I like to have a buncha things to celebrate in a year, ya know what I mean?!

Well, I hafta do my storyboard and plan for my Third Anniversary Episode on The Daily Zoe on the Facebook.  I love ya lots, Friends, and I'll be seein' ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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