Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day, Zoe-Style!

Valentine's Day should come from the heart!
Well, hiya, Friends!  How are you today?  It's Wednesday, so that's pretty cool!

Didja know that Valentine's Day is on Saturday?  Well, it is.  February Fourteenth.  And I don't wantchya to panic about it, Big People.  There's no reason for all that.

Now, I know that I usually prod ya not to phone in holidays.  I lectured you all quite a bit on how not to be Halloween Humbugs.  And you know how much I love Christmas.  Valentine's Day, though?

Jeeze, Louise, Friends, don't sweat it.  I think this is one holiday that could stand to be dialed back a little bit.  People put so much emphasis on Valentine's Day bein' Perfect, and I hear that sometimes, it causes a lotta big fights in the world of Big People.  Lotsa disappointment.

Is that really any way to be on a holiday that was invented so that everybody feels obligated to show people they like 'em by buying them overpriced flowers, candy, and presents you can make the people around ya feel all loved?

Here's what I'm gonna do for all my friends and coworkers this Valentine's Day, Friends.  I'm gonna get to work early (because we work on Saturdays too around here!) and make sure that everybody has one of my Conversation Heart Valentines and a pen that writes at their workstation.  The Conversation Heart Valentines aren't anything complicated at all.  All's I did was cut out little hearts out of my sheets of Foamies and write a message on the front like 'Hiya Coworker!' and 'Smile' and things like that, and then on the back, 'Happy Valentine's Day from your pal Zoe on the Fifth Floor!'  I include 'on the Fifth Floor,' on account of that's the floor on which I work.  Just in case someone receives one of my Valentines and doesn't know me really well.  I like EVERYBODY to feel included on Valentine's Day.

And I give everybody a nice-writing pen for Valentine's Day not because I'm a boring little nerd, but because I can't think of anything more aggravating than tryin' to fill out a TPS Report or write a note or something and find that your pen doesn't write, or it skips, or it digs a hole right in your paper!  But a nice-writin' pen can be a real pleasure to write with and can make the difference between a bad day and a day where your pen wrote every single time you picked it up.  I like to give my co-workers the gift of havin' a day where your pen writes every single time you pick it up!  It's the little things that matter.

Plus, last year, I gave out chocolates, and Gretchen from Accounts Receivable reamed me out, because she doesn't like chocolate, and I shoulda known better than to give her chocolates for Valentine's Day, and wasn't I a thoughtless co-worker, (even though that was the first I heard about Gretchen not liking chocolate and that was actually one of the first times I've ever really talked to Gretchen because she disappears from her desk whenever I go down to Accounts Receivable!) 

Well.  I won't let people like Gretchen from Accounts Receivable diminish my awesome.  Some people get their jollies by bein' mad at the world, so I suppose in my own small way, I brighten Gretchen's world by enabling her to be mad at it over something I've done or given her.  Maybe a pen that writes nicely will change her attitude a little bit.  We can only hope.

So.  There's still time for you to make some conversation hearts and buy some nice-writing pens, if you'd like to borrow my idea.  It's a good one, Friends! 

I love ya lots, Friends!  I really do!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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