Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mondee Gras Aftermath

Mondee Gras can get out of hand, as it turns out!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Didja celebrate Mondee Gras yesterday?  No?  Well, didja at least be the fun you wanted to see in the world?

Well, I guess it's just as well that you didn't celebrate Mondee Gras yesterday.  It certainly spared you from the cleanup that we're having to do today.

Oh, I don't really know what happened, except that when ya bring out trays and trays of special donut holes and call 'em Mondee Gras Beads, and ya have somebody goin' around throwin' regular beads to people, and ya tell people it's Mondee Gras, things can just get a little bit outta hand.  People start swinging from light fixtures that aren't meant to be swung from.  Wheelie chairs start racing up and down corridors.  Somebody orders a confetti cannon and glitter bombs (sorry, Donut Dude!)

Lesson learned.  That's why I'm the Director of Donut Development, and not the Morale Manager.  I have a way of dreamin' big, and then things go kafluey from time to time.  I build my castles in the clouds, but don't always remember to make sure they have good foundations under 'em... or a fully-equipped cleaning staff.  Castles in the clouds are especially dependent on a fully-equipped cleaning staff.  A whole maintenance armada, if you will.

But.  My Mondee Gras Bead donut holes with the edible glitter were a HIT.  So there's a silver lining.  Actually a glittery coating.  So Donut Dude is only a little bit mad at me for instigating yesterday's Mondee Gras melee.  And he says by the time all of us get everything cleaned up today, he won't be at all mad anymore.

Live and learn, right, Big People?!

Hey.  There's a mop-n-bucket with my name on it, so I've gotta go.  I sure love ya lots, Friends.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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