Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oh, Mondayish Tuesday!

I s'pose I can come out, since it isn't Monday!
Hiya, Friends!  You know, sometimes after the Holidays, I have trouble remembering what day it is. 

Today is one of those days. 

Because yes.  Yesterday didn't really feel like a Monday to me.  Today feels like a Monday.  Boyo boy, does today ever feel like a Monday.

I don't know what it is about it, Friends.  What makes one day feel like itself, or another day.  Mondays to me always kinda feel like when you're tryin' to shift your Little Pink Jeep into first, to get it rollin', and it just doesn't wanna. 

Boy, I miss my Little Pink Jeep.  Worst thing I ever did was outgrow that little vehicle.  Worst thing I ever did. 

Not because I regret growin' up, because I don't.  I get to do a buncha things now that I couldn't do when I was small enough to drive around in my Little Pink Jeep, but I was always under the impression that a bigger Little Pink Jeep would come take its place.  Maybe one that drives around under the power of its own motor.

At first, Mommy and Daddy told me that they don't make Little Pink Jeeps in my size, but then, I did some research and reconnaissance and found out that not only do they make Little Pink Jeeps in my size, powered by little engines, but they're readily available from dealerships such as Toys'R'Us, and they also come in a variety of different colors, not just pink. 

I could really see myself behind the wheel of a little Red Jeep, for instance.

Well, after I blew the lid of that particular lie of Mommy and Daddy's, that they don't make little Jeeps in my size, suddenly they changed their tune.  No longer was the reason I can't have a little Jeep of my own, in my current size, because they don't make them, but it became that we have too many drop-offs on our property, and they don't want me driving over a steep hill. 

Well, you know what?!  There's plenty of drop-offs and steep hills out in LIFE, and I see Mommy and Daddy can manage to keep our cars from drivin' over 'em.  I don't know why they assume that because I'm three, I'm a reckless, moronic menace to society. 

Quite the contrary, actually.  I am an enthusiastic adherent to traffic rules- red means STOP!  Yella means PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!  I'd take GOOD care of a little Jeep that's just my size.  I'd get out my little squirt-bottle of water, and my microfibre cloth and wipe down my little Jeep every time I drive it to where it's going, just like when we go to car shows and I detail the outside of one of the AMCs. 

But no matter how lucid my arguments and entreaties are for a little Jeep all my size, they're met with a whole lotta attitude from my Mommy and Daddy, and all's I can do is blame it on Tuesdays that feel like Mondays. 

Or something like that. 

Friends, I'll see ya tomorrow.  I love ya lots!  Muah!

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