Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mommy Said "No!" to "Wild Child Wednesday!"

I sort of showed up unprepared for fun today, Friends.  Oopsies!
Oh, dear, Friends!  I've been tryin' to make each day this week fun, and now it's Wednesday, and I hafta admit that I don't have anything ready to make Wednesday more fun. 

I DID have something.  It was called "Wild Child Wednesday," but when I got to story-boarding Wild Child Wednesday and Mommy saw what I was thinking, she greeted it with an unceremonious "no."

Actually, it was more like "No.  No-no-no.  Not even.  NOPE!"

Apparently I don't need encouragement to be wild on any day of the week, and she thinks I shouldn't enhance my wildness on any day of the week. So you can't, either, Friends, and you can blame it all on my Mommy.  She's such a Buzzkill that I think it's a shame she isn't a doctor, so we could all call her "Dr. Buzzkill."  "Countess Wet-Blanket."  "Dud the Drip."

You wanna know why I'm always lookin' for new ways to have fun, Big People?  It's because Mommy is always puttin' a stop to my fun.  It's like she LIVES to make me and my life as boring as possible.  I can hardly even fathom what it's going to be like for me when I'm a teenager.  By then, I expect to have a fully operational hover-board.  It'll be awesome, except Mommy will come up with all kinds of futuristic and throw-back ways to make that less fun.  I'm already seeing full-body armor in my future.  I'll be the laughingstock of my class.

Gawd, Friends, I've got myself all upset.  I need to go lie down for a little while.  I really do.  I haven't even gone to KINDERGARTEN yet, and already I'm my class freak.  AND IT'S ALL MOMMY'S FAULT!!!

I'll see ya tomorrow, Friends.  I love ya lots!  Muah!

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