Saturday, January 10, 2015

Toddler, It's COLD Outside!

I guess I'll sit in here where it's warmish and eat a lollipop.
Hi there, Friends!  Hey!  Are ya enjoyin' the brisk weather we've been havin' this week?

Yeah, me, neither.

It pretty much stinks, you know.  What I wanna do is go outside and play in my sandbox, and Mommy has been sayin' 'NO!' since November.

Maybe that's why it's called 'NO-vember,' come to think of it. 

Anyways, I asked to go outside and play in my sandbox the other day, and Mommy said no, of course, and then went on to say that my sandbox is frozen solid.

Frozen solid?!  Is that even possible?  I wouldn't even know, because she won't let me out there to see.  Something about the windchill factor and all kinds of argle-bargle like that.

The kicker is that I think I was told, back when we put the lid on my sandbox for the winter, that I'd be able to play in the snow when winter got here.  Ha!  What a crock-pot of liar stew that was!  It's always "too cold," or there's not enough snow, or 'it's raining!' 

It is rough to be a toddler these days, Friends.  I'll see ya tomorrow, mmmmkay?  Love ya lots!  Muah!

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