Thursday, January 8, 2015

Octonaut Optimism

With the Octonauts, I always look forward to the next adventure!
Hi, there, Big People!  How are you on this Thursday? 

Hey.  Have I ever told you about my new television obsession?  I just love the Octonauts.  I really do.  I love watchin' them on the television, and I love playin' with my replica Octopod while I watch Octonauts episodes.

The Octonauts are a group of person-like animals and some Vegemals (half animal, half vegetable, if you can believe it!) who go around the ocean in their orange and blue Octopod, exploring the ocean and rescuing animals in trouble.  When they hafta go places the big Octopod can't go, they cruise around in the ocean in a bunch of different Gups.

What inspires me about the Octonauts is that they're all so diverse.  Captain Barnacles is a polar bear, for instance.  Kwasii is the First Mate, I think, and he's a pirate cat.  Peso the Penguin is the ship's medic.  Dashii is a little dog, and she takes pictures of everything.  Tweek is a bunny and she's the ship's engineer.  I really like that they have a girl engineer!  Shellington is an otter and I think he's the resident expert on all the animals.  And Professor Inkling founded the Octonauts.  He's an octopus, and he has a really great library, where he usually stays.  Then there's the Vegemals.  And everybody on the Octopod gets along, despite their differences!  Plus, they always believe they can solve the problems they're faced with.  That's really important!

I really like learning all about the different sea creatures, though.  That's what makes my day.  There's a Creature Report at the end of every segment, with a song and a dance, and it really helps me learn about what I've watched on the episode.

Friends, I'll tell ya something.  The way to get to a Little Kid's heart and mind is to entertain 'em while you're tryin' to teach 'em something.  And I oughtta know, on accounta me bein' a Little Kid and all!

Hey.  I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, mmmkay?  I love ya lots, Friends!  Muah!

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