Thursday, January 22, 2015

Think of a Fun Rhyme Thursday!

Let's get back to gettin' our fun on, Friends!  Happy Thursday!
Hiya, Big People.  Sorry about yesterday.  It sure escalated quickly, but I hafta say, I feel a lot better.  I mean, I obviously had some stuff to get off'n my chest, and once I did that, once I had my say and cleared the air around me, I've been feelin' a lot better.

I'm back on track for thinkin' of ways to make the days of the week a lot more fun. 

Now, to be realistic, Thursdays kind of do all the heavy-lifting, as far as fun goes.  Thursdays are pretty fun days, in my estimation.  I'd say that Thursdays are the most fun non-Friday day of the work-week.  So my fun exercise for today is to come up with a fun rhyme.  All of us. 

To get you started, here's my Think of a Fun Rhyme for Thursday.  See if ya can recognize where I got the idea from:

Miss Zo-eee Blake, Blake, Blake
She baked a cake, cake, cake,
With chocolate frosting, frosting, frosting,
And coconut flakes, flakes, flakes!
She took a taste, taste, taste,
And it was great, great, great!
That cake she ate, ate, ate,
From top to plate, plate, plate!

How about that, Friends?!  Wasn't that fun, Big People?  Now you try it!  Make a rhyme for "Think of a Fun Rhyme Thursday!"  You can do it!

I love ya lots, Big People, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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