Sunday, May 22, 2016

Staying Stylish Through a Fracture!

You don't hafta be frumpy while a broken bone heals, Big People!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Sunday to you!

Well, ya know, if you know me, you know I love a good outfit.  I've been interested in fashion and dressing my whole life, and recently, I had the opportunity to be challenged by accessorizing a blue fiberglass cast on my right arm.

Dressing around the cast was a challenge in itself, since I either had to wear things with super-stretchy sleeves, or things with big sleeve openings, or things that were sleeveless and then wear arm-warming BabyLegs with 'em.  I mean, that cast wasn't going anywhere, and it definitely wasn't going to peacefully hide itself away.

So the first thing I did to make sure I could accessorize my big ol' cast was to choose a neutral color that plays nicely with other colors.  I had a choice of hot pink, light blue, and dark blue for my cast. 

Although I love hot pink, I know that it's a color that doesn't readily harmonize with just any other color.  If I chose hot pink, I'd be spending a lot of time and energy making all my clothings and accessories safe to spend a day with hot pink, unless I wanted to look haphazard, which I did not want!

Light blue is a pretty color that definitely plays well with most other colors, but I was really thinking about how I would probably spend upwards of a month with that cast on my arm.  I am an active Little Kid, Friends, and that cast didn't slow me down at all.  I worried that a light blue fiberglass cast would get dingy and gross by the time I finally got it taken off.  Shabby chic doesn't translate well to medical supplies, so I figured light blue was not my best choice.

So it was dark blue.  I really didn't have to think about it, Friends.  I made the decision right away.  Dark Blue.  Like denim.  Like the twilit sky.  Like the ocean.  Dark Blue.  I wish the nurse and Orthopedic PA coulda read my mind for why I wanted dark blue.  The asked me again what color I wanted.  I think they thought I'd pick hot pink, on accounta I'm a little girl.  That's okay.  I guess I keep people on their toes, because I was instantly happy with the dark blueness of my cast!

It made dressing so much easier than it woulda been, had I chosen a more aggressive color like hot pink.  I could pair my dark, denim blue cast with pretty much anything, and it looked really great.  I tried to avoid other shades of dark blue, but other than that, I wore all the colors during the time I had the cast on my arm!

I didn't want people's attention drawn to the cast all the time, though, Friends, so I started accessorizing, so folks' eyes would be drawn away from the cast and up to my chosen accessory for the day.  That proved to be a sound strategy.

Especially successful was the day I accessorized my cast with my patriotic outfit, warmed up for Spring with a super-stretchy red and pink top and made extra fabulous by a neon yellow sequinned headband worn like an equator around my head, with an added snap-clippie for extra pizzazz.

Friends, nobody could take their eyes off that snap-clippy in the middle of my forehead.  That's the hallmark of an AMAZING accessory.

And that's how you stay stylish through a fracture, Friends!

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