Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Stanley Cup Parade!

Even though it was on television, the Stanley Cup Parade was a sight to behold!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Thursday to you! 

Well, ya know, I've spent the last few days in dang ol' Pittsburgh, and it's been really fun.  I got to be around a whole city of happy people, on accounta the Penguins won the Stanley Cup. 

Although I didn't attend the Stanley Cup Parade in person, I sure had a blast watchin' it on the television, in the air-conditioned comfort of Aunt Colleen's living room.  I feel that this is a very appropriate way to enjoy a Stanley Cup Parade, on accounta hockey, the sport the pinnacle of accomplishment for which is the Stanley Cup, is played upon a sheet of ice.  Which is cold.  Not 90 degrees like it was in downtown Pittsburgh like it was yesterday.

Anyways, the Stanley Cup Parade was a sight to behold.  Hundreds of thousands of people lined up on the parade route.  Everybody cheering.

I like Pittsburgh, but I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll see ya tomorrow, from the Bing!  Muah!

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