Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whaddaya Know?

My long-term batteries aren't 100% charged up yet, but I feel so much better already!
Well, ya know, Friends, yesterday I talked to you about how I was really tired, on accounta not having a proper nap for about two weeks, plus getting to bed pretty late, mostly.  That sort of thing really starts to take a toll on a Little Kid!

Anyways, yesterday, I came home and took a nap on the dang ol' couch.  It did a lot to fill up my long-term batteries.  I'm not 100% charged up or anything yet, but I feel a lot better already.

You see, we all have our long-term batteries and our short-term batteries that all need charging up.  Our short-term batteries are what gets us through the day.  The long-term and short-term batteries are both charged up with the sleep we get at night.  The long-term batteries kick in, provided you've gotten proper rest to charge 'em, if your short-term batteries get depleted by an especially big day or a late night, or some stress. 

Thing of it is, if your short-term battery deficits deplete your long-term battery, and you don't take corrective measures immediately, once your short-term battery goes kaput on a given day, it's kaput, until you can get yourself some good, restorative sleep.  And that makes ya clumsy, mean, snarly, short-tempered, whiny, and all the things I've been lately.  Because you're over-tired.

I'm takin' corrective measures to get myself some good, restorative sleep, Big People.  I'm gonna get my long-term battery all charged back up again, so I can be happier.  If your long-term battery is all depleted, you should start supplementing your sleep to recharge it, Friends!

I love ya lots!  Muah!

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