Saturday, July 16, 2016


Step away from my baby toys, Mommy!  Leave those toys alone!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Saturday to you! 

Hey, did you even know that my Big People think we're surrounded by way too much stuff?  It's true.  And it's set off an unfortunate chain of events in my house on the hill.  Stuff's been getting put into boxes, left and right, for something called a "yard sale." 

This was all well and good.  My Big People DO have way too much stuff, takin' up space that I could use for my toys, and I completely support them gettin' rid of stuff they don't use anymore.

However, it is Definitely Not Cool that now the Big People have started putting their mitts on toys they think I've outgrown.  If they sell my toys that they PERCEIVE that I've outgrown, what good does it do for them to clean out their stuff.  I mean, what good is all that empty space gonna do, without my toys there to fill the void? 

It makes no sense, Friends.  Which is why I am prepared to defend my toys to the end!  I will chase off my Big People with my pelican broom if I have to, to preserve my way of life with all my toys I've ever had my whole entire life!

I don't like change, Big People!  I don't like it at all!

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