Thursday, July 21, 2016

I've Got the Power!

Breathe easy, Friends.  I've got this.  All of this!
Hiya, Friends!  Hey.  Did you even know that I'm a superhero in disguise out in the open?

It's true.

You see, I don't go wanderin' around, advertisin' my status as a superhero in disguise out in the open, because I'm afraid that would cause certain pandemonium around the place. 

Plus, how could people even concentrate on their everyday lives if I'm runnin' around in armor and brightly-colored tights and a cape?  They couldn't, is the answer.  It would be highly disruptive.  Nobody would get anything done, and civilization would crumble, and I'm pretty sure that causing civilization to crumble is the opposite of what a superhero in disguise out in the open is all about. 

So the thing I do is I just go about my business, bein' a superhero.  Puttin' out fires.  Lightin' fires where they're needed.  Not literal fires.  That would be dangerous.  I'm only four.  I'm not even allowed to use the microwave by myself, so fires are definitely out of the question.  Figurative fires is what I deal with.

I think that if I really had to hone down and describe what my superpower is, what justifies me callin' myself a superhero is that I can make people's days a little brighter.  Not Mommy's.  Mommy is what you'd call an arch-villian, and I'm not all about makin' her day any brighter.  But people in general.  I like makin' people's days brighter in general, and I'm pretty darn good at it, too. 

So anyways, Friends, you go ahead and relax.  Breathe easy.  Your pal Zoe, the superhero in disguise out in the open is here, takin' care of stuff.  I love ya lots!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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