Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Friendly Reminder!

Twelve minus two is ten!
Well, hiya there, Good Lookin's!  How's your Saturday turnin' out for ya?

I'm doin' great, because once again, the Twenty-Fifth of the Month has rolled around again, and it's time for my Zoe's Monthly Status Report.  Just in case you don't own a calendar or have access to one you can look at and reference.

Christmas is a mere ten months away, so I suggest that you start lookin' in the catalogues that arrive in your mailbox, and perhaps begin a color-coded referencing system for all the presents you wanna buy your loved ones. You can also cross-reference your markings on the World Wide Web, in case you go on a de-cluttering tear, long about June, and send those tabbed and color-coded catalogues to the recycling center.

It's never too early to start getting prepared for Christmas, Friends!  It truly isn't!  As for me, I'm gonna be spending today in intelligence briefings, so I can stay a stepper two ahead of the Elves on Shelves.  I have had a solid six Christmases in which I have managed to avoid Elf on Shelf infiltration of my home, and I aim to ensure that Christmas Twenty-Seventeen is no exception, and this is gonna be a biggun as far as challenges go, because I go to school in the fall.  I've heard when a kid goes to school, there's an uptick in spy-elf activity at their house. 

Be vigilant, Friends.  Be smart.  Be here tomorrow for more of my wisdom.  I'd charge for all this wiseness, but I love ya too much, Big People!  Muah!

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