Thursday, March 23, 2017

No Rain, No Rainbows!

Would ya look at that rainbow you can just see over my shoulder?!
Hiya, Friends!  Well, ya might remember that I recently spent some time in Niagara Falls, Canada.  It's a wonderful place.

One thing that particularly struck me was the rainbows in Niagara Falls.  I learned that rainbows are made from sun shining through water droplets.  It can be mist from a big waterfall or... rain.

That's right, Friends!  Ya just aren't gonna get any rainbows unless there's water flyin' through the air in one form or another.

So.  Whenever it rains, or things seem kinda bad, I start lookin' for the rainbows.  The literal ones and the figurative ones.  You bet I do! And do you wanna hear something incredible?  I find 'em, Friends!  I find what I'm lookin' for!

When it rains, look for the rainbows, Big People.  I love ya lots!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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