Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Eye of the Needle!

I might not be a microscopic masterpiece, but I'm still noteworthy!
Hiya, Friends!  Well, it's Thursday, and once again, I have stories of adventure in the Odditorium to entertain and delight you with!  Today, you might notice that I'm standing in the eye of a needle, and that's no accident.

You see, at the Odditorium, there's an entire room devoted to the artworks of a fella in London who sculpts eentsy-beeentzy-teeny-tiny little sculptures in the eyes of needles.  Like what you'd use to sew your buttons back on. 

We're talkin' microscopic masterpieces here!

It's true!  In order to really see the artwork, you hafta look through the magnifiers, and when ya do, ya see sculptures of roses, famous people, just regular people eatin' at a table in a cafe, cars... pretty much anything you can think of that somebody would make a sculpture of, but it's downsized to almost a molecular level, and framed in the eye of a needle.  It's just incredible, Big People!

So that's why I had my picture taken in the eye of the needle for today.  That's what I would look like, if I were a microscopic work of art, but it's also what I look like, just bein' me.  Whatchya see is whatchya get, Friends.

If ya get a chance, you ought to visit the Odditorium sometime while the tiny sculptures are there, Big People!  It's a little odd, but mostly interesting that there's an artist who thought to make his works so tiny and quiet, and yet not skimp on any of the detail.  One thing I've learned about art is that it can come in all shapes and sizes, and some of it is meant to be big and make the observer feel small.  The art in the eyes of needles has kind of an opposite effect, and yet it doesn't let ya feel like you're too big for your britches, just because you're much bigger than the sculptures.  In fact, the whole experience got me to wonderin' if there isn't some being somewhere, lookin' at us within the eye of a needle.

It is something to think about!

Hey.  I'll see ya tomorrow!  I love ya lots, Big People!  You bet I do!

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