Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Well, How About That?! Wednesday!

Hey, there, Good-Lookin'!  Have I got a fact for you!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Well, ya know, recently, I got to visit a place called the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium.  It was chock fulla oddities and strangeness, and I found myself sayin' 'Well, how about THAT?!' every time I turned around or went through a new door!

So I decided that today, at least, I'm gonna make it "Well, How About That?! Wednesday!"  I'm gonna share something strange and or really interesting with you, and it'll be so phenomenal that you'll say "Well, how about THAT?!" and shake your head in disbelief and wonder.

Okay.  Here it goes!

Friends, did you even know that there was a time when ice cream sodas weren't allowed to be sold on Sundays?  It's true. Apparently, there was some kinda law on the books that forbade such illicit behavior as havin' a dang ol' root beer float or other kind of ice cream soda.  I guess they supposed it could lead to dancin'. 

Anyways, soda fountains still wanted to sell their wares, and they probably also wanted to sell the ice cream to happy eaters, so it wouldn't get old and ice-crystally, so they started scoopin' ice cream in dishes, addin' sauce like chocolate, strawberry, crushed up pineapple, peanuts, whip, sprinkles, cherries, and such stupendous fixin's, and sellin' that on Sundays.  They named the creation Ice Cream Sundae!

Nobody knows for sure where this happened first, but Buffalo AND Ithaca both say they were first.

I'm just thankful that somebody invented the ice cream sundae.  And I'm glad that havin' an ice cream soda on Sunday isn't an illegal activity anymore! 

We've come a long way, Babies!

So that has been your "Well, How About THAT?! Wednesday" for today, Big People!  I love ya lots, and I'll be seein' ya tomorrow, mmmkay?  Muah!

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