Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Home for My Hardworking Clothes!

My clothes work hard, keepin' me from bein' naked, so now they have a nice place to rest!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Well, ya know, yesterday, I helped my Mommy clean out some clothes I've outgrown and worn out, so I can have lotsa room for the clothes I have that fit me and make me feel great when I wear 'em! 

It was time.

Friends, I had clothes all kinda shoved in my closet.  It was not a pleasurable experience to go spelunking in my closet.  My socks-n-undies were in a bin.  They were stacked nicely, but in a bin, nonetheless, because my dresser was fulla stuff left from when I was a baby.  I thought it was gonna be an awful job, so I avoided doing it.

But yesterday, Mommy said "Let's do this," and I figured I'd help.

And I'm glad I did.

Everything I have outgrown or worn out got put in a box.  Anything that's itchy, scratchy, or that has gotten patchy was also escorted from my drawers and closet bars.

Everything left was folded nicely.  My socks-n-undies now have a nice drawer in my dresser to rest in, after I wear 'em and they go through the wash.  They look comfortable in there!  Cozy, even, standing upright in neat rows in my drawer!  My jammies and sleep-shirts take up the bottom drawer in my dresser.  They stand up in rows in the drawer, so I can immediately see each thing I own, and I can select the jammies I want to wear on a particular night, and the rest will never fall out onto the floor.  They have a comfy place in that drawer!

My pants are one of my favorite things I'm especially proud of organizing.  They're folded so that they, too, can stand up in their drawer, and I arranged them according to colors.  I can tell at a glance which pants are available for me to choose to wear on a day, and what's in the hamper!

But my closet is what really got the biggest make-over.  I had a lotta clothes I just am too big for.  Dresses were hung next to shirts, and everything was all helter-skelter.  I couldn't see what I had!  I'd send Mommy in to pick my clothes for a day, because I just didn't wanna go in my closet, which is a shame, because Mommy says I have the nicest closet in the whole dang house! 

Well, it isn't perfect yet, but by golly, it's gettin' there!  Mommy and I sorted through all my hang-uppables, and we put all the sleeveless tops up front, then the short-sleeves, the long-sleeves, the sweaters and sweatshirts, and finally, the dresses.  Everything is arranged by color.  I had the most fun helping with all this!  But I have even more fun, standing in my closet and looking at how nice everything looks, in its place!  I feel like I'm at the mall!

Friends, this was a big job.  There's still some more to do, but now that I've gotten some of it under my belt, I'm rarin' to go on the rest of it.  So what I'm sayin' today is that if there's a big job YOU'VE been dreading and avoiding, I'm tellin' ya to just take the first step.  You might be surprised at what it motivates you to do! 

I love ya lots, Big People!  I'll see ya tomorrow, for May the Fourth!  Don't miss it!  Muah!

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