Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday the Thirteenth!

It doesn't get much crazier than this!
Hiya, Big People!

Well, ya know, this week, we experienced a full moon, and then today is Saturday the Thirteenth.  How about that?  People think Friday the Thirteenth is the crazy relative, but they have no idea about Saturday the Thirteenth, especially when that Saturday the Thirteenth comes at the end of a week that contains a full moon.

Even I don't know all the particulars, Big People, but I think you oughtta put all your loose possessions  in a locker, pin the locker key to a secure piece of clothing, make sure you're strapped in and your harness is securely secured, and hold on tight, because this roller-coaster of a week just became self-aware and is about to take you where they don't even NEED tracks for roller coasters! 

What would that even be- a roller coaster that goes flying through the air without any track?  A flying coaster-like train? 

A fighter jet?

Friends, we could be in for a doozy of a Saturday the Thirteenth.  You're gonna wanna hafta eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated and keep your wits about ya!  I love ya lots!  See ya tomorrow!  Or back at the station.  Wherever we wind up.  I'll see ya there!  Muah!

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