Thursday, May 11, 2017

When the Red, Red Robin Builds a Nest Over Your Door

The sayin' SHOULD be, "Red Robin: YIKES!"  Not YUMMMMM!
Hiya, Big People!

Well, ya know, I love animals.  I love all kindsa animals.  I love dogs, and cats, and giraffes, and flamingos, and butterflies, and horses, and cows.

I don't really care for spiders, though, but that's not the focus of today's post.

Forget what I said about spiders.  I think most of us, given the chance, would prefer not to have spiders crawlin' on us, especially when we're sleepin' or tryin' to eat.  Let's all just agree that not wantin' spiders crawlin' on me doesn't mean that I hate spiders.  I respect their right to live.  I just don't want 'em near me while they exercise that right.

ANYWAY.  I believe I've established that I am a big fan of animals.  I'm a fanimal, if you will.  But every year for my whole life, although some years are more fraught with this than others, we've had a squadron of red, red robins station themselves on all the overhangs on my house.

And I live in a Victorian house, so they have all kindsa lotsa places upon which to build nests. 

Their favorite spots for nest-building, is right over the doors we come-n-go out of. 

People think red, red robins are so nice and sweet.  Everybody's so happy to see 'em in the springtime, and they say how wonderful it is to see the robins bop-bop-boppin' along.  Thing of it is, though, Big People, if a red, red robin builds a nest over your door, you're pretty much gonna get dive-bombed every time you leave your house, and every time you come home.  And they're gonna poop on your porch.  And your swingset.  And definitely on your car.

Red, red robins are bloodthirsty when they're defendin' their territory, Friends.  I was always too young to appreciate this reality, until this year.  Now I have serious anxiety whenever I hafta go somewheres!  I don't wanna get strafed by an angry robin!

My experience this spring with these robins has made me seriously reconsider the restaurant Red Robin's jingle of "Yummm!"  I still love their delicious, delicious burgers, but now when I see their mascot, I can't help but duck and cover my head!

Well, I love ya lots, Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow, if I'm not attacked by a squadron of robins before then!  Muah!

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