Wednesday, May 17, 2017

To Be Two Again!

Bein' Five is really hard, Friends.  I wanna go back to bein' Two.
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Wednesday to you!

Well, ya know yesterday, I built a kite outta vellum and straws and tape, with some yarn for the kite-string.  I used some markers to make the kite colorful and festive, and added a plastic-tape tail to it, because kites need tails.  I was lookin' forward to watchin' my kite soar high above the tree-tops!

In reality, there wasn't enough breeze.  And I thought you just decide you wanna fly a kite, and there you go, flyin' a kite.  No.  Ya hafta learn how tight to keep your kite string- here's a hint: pretty darn tight.  And the Kiwi Crate book said if there's no breeze, there's no worries.  You can just run and have the kite trail behind ya. 

No.  That isn't cool.  That isn't how they show it on television.  They show kids flyin' kites, blissfully standin' on the ground, watchin' their kites swoop and soar high above.  Maybe they hafta run at the very beginnin' of the flight, but not for the whole flight.

I am disenchanted, Friends, and if Mommy tells me one more time that anything worth doing is worth bein' lousy at, at first, and practicin' my way to bein' great at it, I'm pretty much gonna scream in her face.  I'm so tired of not bein' good at things.  I'm so tired of havin' to practice. 

Is this what it's like to be five and a half, Friends?!  Is it my lot in my life to be frusterated?  If it is, I wanna go back to when life was easy.  Like back when I was... maybe two.  Those were the dang ol' days, Big People.  Nobody expected me to be able to fly kites.  I just had to be cute.  Two year-olds don't know how great they have it!

Hey.  I'll see ya tomorrow.  I love ya lots!  Muah!

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