Thursday, May 4, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You!

This is how a stylish Jedi dresses on Star Wars Day!
Hiya, Friends!  Today is Star Wars Day, because it's May the Fourth, and it sounds a lot like when they say "May the Force be with you!" on the Star Wars!

I love Star Wars, you know.  I'm an avid Star Wars Rebels watcher.  I love the Play Station game version of Star Wars, and I also get the biggest kick out of Lego Star Wars. 

So that Star Wars is being celebrated today just makes me beside myself with happiness.

You know, my Star Wars Day wish this year is to adopt an Ewok of my very own.  I LOVE those guys!  They're like little cuddly teddy bears with serious attitude!  And they can drive Speeders like nobody's business.  Seems like an Ewok around the house would be really, really smart!

I would say I'd like a Tauntaun, too, for companionship and transportation, and possibly even alpaca-like wool to spin into yarn and make blankets and shawls out of for profit, but Daddy says he's "allergic" to Tauntauns, so there ends my quest for a Tauntaun... for now.

Friends, I have a lot of celebratin' to do today, so I'm gonna letchya go.  May the Fourth be with you!  Muah!

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