Saturday, May 20, 2017

Be Yourself...

...It's all that you can do!
Hiya, Big People!  Happy Saturday to you!

Well, ya know, Friends, we all have choices on how we're gonna act, how we're gonna be, and WHO we're gonna be.  Every day.

And the thing I've learned is that even though people look similar (as compared to how a person looks in comparison to a giraffe or a humpback whale, for instance), we all see the world and react to it in a different way.  But I think we get a little confused, sometimes, because we figure that since we're all humans, and you look similar to me, and I look similar to you, that we're all gonna react to things the same way, or think the same thoughts about the same situation.

And it just isn't the way it is.  You and I, for instance, Friends, could look up at the sky and see a big, gray cloud.  It's the same big, gray cloud we're seein'.  And I could say "Wouldja look at that cloud up in the sky?!  I see a big castle in that cloud!  Wouldn't it be neat to live in a castle made outta clouds?"  And you could say "Dang it, Zoe!  There's a storm a-comin'!  We better get inside!"

We're both right.  We both agree that there's a cloud.  I experience that cloud in a whimsical fashion, while you experience the cloud from a practical standpoint.  We can discuss this at length over a hot cocoa, while we sit in the window and watch it rain, because you were right.  There was a storm a'comin' in that cloud.

See?  We just experience the world differently, Big People!  And the world needs both our experiences!  I think it's important that we each at least get to understand and respect one another's way of experiencing things, but I also think we should try not to expect everybody to conform to the same way of experiencing.  When somebody's brain is more actual-factual, they can appreciate whimsy, or at least acknowledge it, but they probably won't see the castle.  They'll just see the cloud.  And when somebody's brain is more whimsical, sometimes, they can get caught up in the whimsy and find themselves gettin' rained on.  If either one of those people tries to force themselves to be the other person, life will feel forced and hard. 

So, Friends, be yourself.  It's all you can do.  And let your friends be themselves.  It's all they can do. 

I love ya, Big People!  And you can visit my castle in the clouds, or in the trees, or under the gazebo ANY dang ol' time!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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