Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Make a Milk Shake

Strawberry's my favorite!
Hiya Big People!  Happy Tuesday to you!

Well, ya know,  love a good milk-shake.  There's a diner near my house called the Texas Hot in Downtown Wellsville, and if ya ask 'em to, they'll make ya a milkshake and bring it to ya in a big metal cup!  Never in my life do I feel like sucha big cheese as I do when I'm enjoyin' a milkshake at the dang ol' Texas Hot!

It got me to wonderin', Friends, just how one makes a milk shake.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all about milkshake recipes and milkshake mixers and all that. 

I'm askin' how ya make a milk shake, though!

And the surprising answer is that there are lotsa ways to make a milk shake, and here I am, presenting them to you in a bulleted list!  Here goes:

  • Take the Milk to a scary movie!
  • Take the Milk on a ride in a rickety ol' jalopy on a curvy, hilly road that doesn't have guide-rails!
  • Make the Milk spend the night in a hauntedy house!
  • Tell the Milk it has a big test that's worth eleventy percent of its grade, and inform the Milk that the test is on nothing it studied for, or has even learned yet!  Yikes!
  • Have Sasquatch sneak up on the Milk and roar at it!
  • Scoop in some ice cream and have a milkshake mixer or blender whir it all up into creamy, cold goodness!
Because when ya think about it, milkshake mixers and blenders are pretty scary, if ya think of 'em in the context of bein' inside 'em, with all those sharp, spinning blades!  How about that?!

Now go have a milkshake on this Tuesday.  Tuesday needs a little sparkle, and a frozen dairy-based beverage is just the ticket!

I love ya lots, Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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