Friday, May 12, 2017

When I'm Queen of My Own Life!

This is my life's philosophy, Friends, encapsulated in a picture!
Hiya, Big People! 

Well, ya know, I'm Five, and one of the best things I can think of about bein' Five is that while there are a lot of things I cannot do the way I want, there are some other things I can definitely do the way I want, that you Big People are afraid to do.

One of those things is wear a red ballgown, rose-gold ballet flats, and a sparkly tiara to swing in on my swing set.  And you BET I go down my slide dressed like that!  You BET I do! 

Because YES! Friends!  I feel fabulous when I'm wearin' my red ballgown.  I love my rose-gold ballet flats.  I stand taller when I'm wearin' a sparkly tiara.  I am queen of my own life.  Or I guess I'm Crown Princess of my own life, since I do hafta consult my Grand Council on such matters as what I'm gonna eat, what I'm gonna do in a day, when I can go places and where I can go to them, and also when I hafta go to bed.  Someday, I will be queen of my own life.  Right now, I am Crown Princess.  I can accept that.

Because.  I can still get away with playin' on my swing, dressed in that ballgown, and those shoes, and that tiara.  And I can sing at the toppa my lungs while I'm playing, dressed like that.  It's okay if the neighbors see and hear me.  It's okay if somebody drivin' my sees and hears me.  It's okay!

I guess somewhere along the way on the Road of Life, on the way to bein' Kings and Queens of one's own life, people lose the ability, or the want, or maybe the permission they usedta give themselves to just Be Themselves.  They start to worry about what everybody else is thinkin' of 'em.  What would people think if they saw ya wearin' a tiara?  What would they think if they saw ya, out-n-about in a red ballgown?  Why is it a thing to be able to "pull off" a paira rose-gold ballet flats?!  They're just shoes!  Ya put 'em on your feet, and there ya go!  You're pullin' 'em off!

But I notice you Big People don't.  I notice most of ya praise Little Kids like me for bein' Individual and Singular, but the older ya get, the more you like to fit in with everybody else when it comes to a lotta things.  I don't see ya swinging on a swingset or ridin' down a slide, and I've noticed if people catch ya singin' at the toppa your lungs, you look embarrassed and even APOLOGIZE! for it!

Friends, I dress the way I do and play the way I do and sing the way I do because I'm just so happy to be here.  I hope I'm always so happy to be here that I just hafta live out loud with a song in my heart and a giggle on the breeze.  If I can pull that off, then I will truly be the Queen of my Own Life.

Be the King or Queen of Your Own Life, too, Big People.  Or maybe, let out your inner Crown Prince or Crown Princess.  I love the heck right outta ya, Friends!  I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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