Monday, May 8, 2017

Wear Your Sassy Pants Today!

Watch out, World!  I've got my Sassy Pants on today!
Hiya, Friends!  Happy Monday to you!

Well, ya know, Mondays can be pretty daunting to deal with, especially if you feel like you weren't quite ready for the weekend to be over with.  That's kind of how I'm feeling today.

Thing of it is, Monday comes, whether or not you're ready for it.  You can either let its inevitability roll right over you, which I've been known to do, just like you, Big Person Friend, or you can take charge of it and just show that week who's gonna be boss.

How do you do that?  How do you keep Monday from rollin' right over ya?

Sassy Pants, Friends!  Put on those Sassy Pants and put some swagger in your steps.  Put some snap in your fingers... bonus points for three snaps in a Z-shaped formation!  That's the sassiest snap of all!

Friends, it's all about attitude.  Or as I like to describe it, Att.  It.  Ude.  We are gonna be the bosses of this Monday.  We are gonna be the bosses of this week.  Not the other way around, Friends.  Not the other way around.

We got this! 

I love ya lots, and I'll see ya tomorrow!  Muah!

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